The Twilight Drinking Game

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, this is a drinking game and is meant for those of us 21 years and older. Please be responsible when you drink. THANKS!

Credit goes to Film School Rejects for posting this wonderful little token of the only reason we appreciate Twilight.

“‘Besides, friends don’t let friends drive drunk,’ he quoted with a chuckle. I could smell the unbearably sweet fragrance coming off his chest.

‘Drunk?’ I objected.

‘You’re intoxicated by my very presence.’ He was grinning that playful smirk again. (284)

Take A Drink Whenever

  • Bella shakes her head.
  • A vampire shows superhuman powers.
  • Someone (vampire or human) is attacked.
  • Edward, or any other vampire, gives an icy glare.

Take a Drink When You See

  • Fog
  • A Cell Phone
  • A Religious Symbol
  • A police badge, shield, or emblem.

Take A Drink Whenever Someone Says

  • “Bella”
  • “Forks”
  • “Edward”
  • “Cullen”

Chug Your Drink Whenever

  • Edward Saves Bella

NOTE: This game is for the movie, though we are tempted to try it with the book too. Although we’d have to have a designated reader and add drinking cues whenever “dazzle” shows up, Edward gives a crooked smile, or Bella describes Edward as some kind of angel. (This may lead to a visit to the ER and severe alcohol poisoning, but it would take the pain away.)



17 Responses to “The Twilight Drinking Game”

  1. […] We Intoxicate You? Hello all! We have posted the Twilight drinking game  (for alcohol — we do not condone the drinking of blood here at Anti-Forks). Be warned, one […]

  2. Wow, for those underage, they should try it with Red Bull or Coke or something, and see how long it takes before they’re hyperactive!

  3. Omg, I’m so glad I’m not the only person who thinks this would be fun. Drink whenever Robert Pattinson looks constipated!

  4. Drink whenever s.meyer uses ‘chagrin’… You’d be drunk by the 3rd chapter.

  5. What about taking a gulp every time you read the words ‘dazzle,’ ‘Sparkle,’ ‘perfect,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘angel,’ or ‘statue.’ You’d be in the ICU with near-fatal blood-alcohol poisoning, that’s what! Seriously, Meyer, word repetitives are a literary no-no.

  6. While watching the movie, take a shot whenever Kristin Stewart bites her lip. Ugh.

  7. Okay I am in love with you and this site lol, I love your blogs on the individual chapters it makes me think about the book in a whole better hating way. I definitly cannot wait until I can try out this game I just have to get my twilight loving friend Bec invovled too lol.

  8. If you get a audio book you can do the book too. Take a drink whenever you hear the word “Adonis” youll be wasted big time in chapter 12-14

  9. take a drink whenever kstew raises her eyebrow.
    it seems to me that whenever it’s required of her to portray some sort of emotion, she chooses “skeptical.”

  10. Take a drink whenever “WTF am I doing?” Comes to your mind.

  11. I’ll just grab a few root beer bottles… or pocky… anything loaded with sugar xD

    • might try it. take a sip when kstew bites her lip. if taken with redbull the caffine might kill me and my friends.

  12. For the movie, you could talk a drink whenever KStewart blinks rapidly or shakes. You would have to be sent to the hospital by the time the first movie’s over. 😀

  13. I predict mangled livers in the near future.

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