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We have this whole blog to tell you what we think. But we’re curious about you, too! We’ll be posting fun polls here for you to participate in. So please, vote and let us get to know you a little better.

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  1. […] since we’re too busy right now to entertain you, you can entertain yourselves! We added the We Wanna Know section, where we’ll be posting fun polls as we come up with […]

  2. […] since we’re too busy right now to entertain you, you can entertain yourselves! We added the We Wanna Know section, where we’ll be posting fun polls as we come up with […]

  3. I didn’t pay a penny on Twilight and I’m not about to. I read the first book online for free, the same with the movie. My poor laptop went into a coma after that.

    I am proud to be anti-twilight, and if I paid any money on something with any relation to Twilight (Toilet) I might be classified as a twitard, which is the worst thing anyone can be classified as. So I’ll watch the movie when hell freezes over…or when Stephenie Meyer dies (crossed fingers)

  4. I will find a way to see the movie eventually (borrow it or something) without spending my money on it (SMeyer doesn’t need my hard-earned money!) so I can laugh hysterically at it.

  5. Of course I’m going to see this and laugh until my ribs shatter.

  6. I wouldn’t pay for it. Plus, if I saw it in theaters, I’m almost certain I’d stab a fangirl. I can just see it happening.

  7. It’s becoming a tradition

    Me and my 3 friends go to one of our local theaters and generally mock, irk, and bother any Twihard there


  8. I’ll rent the DVD when the Rifftrax comes out for it. There’s already one for “Twilight” and I almost laughed one of my lungs out.

  9. My friend and I plan to go and laugh at all the supposedly non-funny moments. We did that a bit in Twilight but New moon gives us so much more scope. Bella losing Eddie- laugh. Bella going emo- laugh. Ah, ruing cinema for everyone else…

  10. I went to see it and I almost got mauled for stating that I didn’t like Twilight. It was pretty great.

    • Haha, oh no!! Movie theaters are a dangerous place for us antis right now. Kudos for braving it!

    • Greeting from Germany! ((please excuse my horrible english >.>)
      Last week I tried explaining to some twitard fans in my psychology class why I would never spend my money on such crap, let´s just say I created a wonderfully hostile atmosphere by stating I hate everything twilight related… ^^

  11. lol I did it the only way I could come up with that didn’t give S. Meyer and her movie biz allies any money and got it online. Honestly, I regretted doing even that much. I regret lifting my finger and clicking the link. It was just awful.

  12. […] also closed our first poll. Seems like most of you who voted (30 percent) said you were going to see “New Moon” so […]

  13. […] also added a new poll  in the We Wanna Know section — we want to know what you hate most about SMeyer’s […]

  14. I chose the vampies repeating high school. It’s such an obvious plot device so that Bella can meet her twu wuv.

    I just read Philip K. Dick’s “Beyond Lies the Wub,” a story about an all-powerful, immortal, intergalactic pig, who uses his powers to travel the galaxy, discuss philosophy, and be a glutton. And THAT makes more sense than repeating high school over and over.

  15. […] Also, please don’t forget to vote in our current poll! […]

  16. The Twifuck flicks are definitely worth the illegal downloads… ‘nuf said.

  17. I hate those all things very much… but SPARKLING!? O___o WTF? It’s so senseless.

    I’ve played I’m a vampire sometimes when I was small. I have always liked vampires – “real” vampires (and by the way, werewolves too). Now everybody loves Edward and other stupid creations which are pretending to be vampires. >___< NO WAY.

  18. […] if you want to vote in our current poll, do it soon! Because we’ll have a new one up to coincide with “the birth” chapter […]

  19. Freaky-friggen-deaky if you ask me (and ive seen some pretty scare-the-living-shit-outta-ya things). Jacob is one messed up puppy. *shudder* Seriously? Go sparkle into a wood-chipper. Wtf is Stph’s problam? WHY CAN’T THEY ALL JUST DIE AND LET US BE??????

  20. […] Odds and ends. And a new poll! Since we’re swiftly approaching the end of May, that also means we’re closing in on one month until “Eclipse” (or, should we say, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) is unleashed upon poor, unsuspecting theaters. So, like we did with “New Moon” last year, we want to know if you’re going to go see “Eclipse.” Tell us in our new poll! […]

  21. […] don’t forget to vote in our latest poll, and let us know if you’re going to go see “Eclipse” when it comes out later this […]

  22. Just thought I’d let you guys know there is some new ‘novella’ (*cough*probablycrap*cough*) by smeyer. It’s online for free in case you wanna read it after Breaking Dawn, I could use more of your antidotes 🙂

    • We do, in fact, know about it, and are planning to suffer through it once we finish Breaking Dawn! 🙂

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