7. Repetition

Chapter Synopsis

The chapter begins with Bella asking herself what the hell she is doing, because she finds herself on her way to the Cullen’s house. She realizes this is dumb, but is convinced he’s out there somewhere, watching. She really wants to hear ‘the’ voice again, and is convinced deja vu is what triggers it. However, it is obvious that she has no idea what deja vu means… 

Bella finally makes it to the house, and realizes that everything being overgrown makes the house look creepy — like a place where vampires should live. She parks the truck, and then realizes there is no voice. So she approaches the house. And there still isn’t a voice. *Cue confusing inner-monologue*. (Just read below, and try to figure it out…). Of course, Bella realizes the Cullens are VERY MUCH gone, and she just feels this ‘gaping emptiness’ — ‘hideously empty’ — and decides to go see Jacob, who she believes may be her NEW addiction.

She goes to Jacob’s house and is very relieved to see him. She asks if he’s getting sick of her being around yet. He assures her that he is not, and seems surprised that Bella is enjoying spending time with him. Bella suggests that they do something different together — something not mechanical. (Bow-chica-bow-wow.) They make a date… for homework! The duo have fallen behind, and their academics cannot suffer!

Now for some boring exposition: Bella gets home late to find that Charlie ordered pizza, Renee is excited she got a real e-mail from Bella, and school on Tuesday goes well. (This, of course, could have all been omitted and no one would have minded. Really. We promise.)

Mike and Angela have let Bella back into their circle, and Mike is a chatty Cathy at work and asks Bella out on a ‘date,’ which of course Bella shoots down. She says they can go see a movie — as friends — and Mike isn’t happy about this. Bella says they can go during the week, since she has a study date (with Jacob) that weekend.

The next evening, Jacob and Bella have their homework date. Bella makes lasagna. Friday, they are working on the bikes, and Saturday they do homework again. (Are you bored, too? We are.) Charlie decides to leave them alone, feeling assured that Bella is no longer suicidal. The two watch ‘Monster Garage’ on the Discovery Channel, and then Bella takes Jacob home. They decide to meet the next day, and Jacob is very excited about it — promising to call and let her know what time. Bella has the ‘nothingess’ nightmare again, but isn’t bothered as much by it because she’s so excited about her date with Jacob. 

The next day, Jacob has a surprise — the bikes are all done! He even ties ribbon in a bow around the handlebars! Aww. They load the bikes on the truck, and drive out of town. Along the way, they see some La Push boys cliff diving — which Bella at first assumes is suicide. Bella decides she wants to cliff dive because it’s dangerous and reckless, and makes Jacob promise to take her.

Then, Jacob explains the back story behind the boys that were cliff diving — Sam Uley and his gang. Jacob explains it’s not really a ‘gang’ so much as ‘disciples’ that follow Sam around and consider themselves ‘protectors’. The tribal council (*snigger* Do you think they can vote people off the reservation?) takes them seriously, and Bella is weirded out by that. Jacob doesn’t really approve of Sam and his followers because they’re strange. Bella is concerned about the age difference between Sam and his followers, and learns that Sam didn’t go to college, but instead hung around La Push.

Jacob changes the subject when Bella mentions he seems especially (and perhaps unnecessarily) unsettled by the entire thing. Bella digs more to find out why he seems to have such a personal dislike for the gang. Jacob explains that they treat HIM differently — they have been watching over him a lot lately, and his friend, Embry, joined the gang and has been avoiding Jake. Jacob is worried about Embry, and worried that Sam is going to do something to pressure Jacob into joining the gang, too.  Billy doesn’t seem worried about it, saying Jacob will have everything explained to him in a few years.

Bella is very moved by the situation and Jacob’s worry. She gives Jacob a big hug and assures him that if he needs to, he can move in with her and Charlie. (How nice of her.) Bella’s taken aback by her actions, because she doesn’t usually relate to humans this way. But he’s her friend, AND he’s warm. Then, the two gear up for their riding lessons.

Best Worst Lines

“Had I turned masochistic — developed a taste for torture?” (159)

“Unattainable and impossible, uncaring and distracted… but he was out there, somewhere.” (160)

“For that brief moment, when his voice came from some other part of me than my conscious memory, when his voice was perfect and honey smooth rather than the pale echo my memories usually produced, I was able to remember without pain.” (160)

“Its concrete reality would not counteract the nothingness of the nightmares.”

“I pushed my truck as fast as it would go as I barreled toward my fix.”   (More drug references — oooooo.)

“He sighed a heavy sigh.”   (Couldn’t have just written, ‘He sighed heavily’? Of course not; that would be a decent sentence.)

“Jess was more resistant. I wondered if she needed a formal written apology for the Port Angeles incident.”

“I’d come full circle, and now everything felt like an echo — an empty echo, devoid of the interest it used to have.” (167)

“I needed something to distract me from nightmares and nothingness.”

“How could he be so calloused, so cold-blooded?”

“He was so big, I felt like I was a child hugging a grown-up.

‘Oh, Jake, it’ll be okay!’ I promised. ‘If it gets worse you can come live with me and Charlie. Don’t be scared, we’ll think of something!'”  (178)   (Gag us, please.)

“This didn’t feel anything like the last time someone had embraced me this way. This was friendship. And Jacob was very warm.” (178)

Things That Really Irk Us

Homework dates? Really? What kind of teenagers are these?

“His horror was spreading to me. I had chills running on the back of my neck.” — Sure, talk about an older boy convincing younger boys to look up to and follow him freaks Bella out. But a sparkly boy who wants to eat her? Oh, that ain’t no thang.

The fact that Bella is so shocked that she can be so close to a human being. As if nobody in this world could ever relate to pasty, sad, Bella. Only vampires could do that. Duh

The Most Confusing Passage

“I didn’t go any closer. I didn’t want to look in the windows. I wasn’t sure which would be harder to see. If the rooms were bare, echoing empty from floor to ceiling, that would certainly hurt. Like my grandmother’s funeral, when my mother had insisted that I stay outside during the viewing. She had said that I didn’t need to see Gran that way, to remember her that way, rather than alive.

But wouldn’t it be worse if there were no change? If the couches sat just as I’d last seen them, the paintings on the walls — worse still, the piano on its low platform? It would be second only to the house disappearing all together, to see that there was no physical possession that tied them in anyway. That everything remained, untouched and forgotten, behind them.

Just like me.”

The two options in the “I wasn’t sure which would be harder to see” part are never spelled out, and therefore make no sense. Actually, this whole thing pretty much makes no sense. The second paragraph just blows our minds. It’s going on about the house disappearing, and no posessions being left behind. But then it jumps back to “everything remained.” We are stumped, SMeyer. You win.

Final Thoughts

We think something may be a brewing between Jacob and Bella. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a page turner.

Go to Chapter 8.

8 Responses to “7. Repetition”

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  2. I too am perplexed by that excerpt… it makes little sense.

    I remember when Alfred Hitchcock said drama was life with the boring bits cut out… I guess SMeyer forgot about that rule.. apparently to her Drama is life… with all of the boring bits streched to mind numbing lengths. Monotony…

  3. “Jess was more resistant. I wondered if she needed a formal written apology for the Port Angeles incident.”

    This right here is where I really started hating Bella. As if I didn’t already hate her before. She ignores her friends for months, finally asks one of them to a movie where she ignores Jess yet again, tries to go into a bar, is looking for trouble with her friend in tow and then dares to make a snarky comment about Jess needing a “written apology?”

    Gah! Just…. gah!

    • i swear i was just about to write the exact same thing!

      “OHMG, how about i go be a a mopey five-year-old, ignore you for months, and, oh, i don’t even actually like you as a friend. but, let’s ignore that and go see a flick together so my dad will get off my back! oh, and by the way, i plan to ignore you the whole time then try to get raped so i can feed my delusions of my ex-bf? all the while i plan to make no apologies for anything, and after, i hope you realize that you have NO RIGHT AT ALL to reset me…after all, i clearly have enough *sniff* to whine *sniff* about, without you *sniff-sniff* resenting me….SNIFF”

      lol, sorry for the length, i do ramble in my hatred

  4. Yeah, the comment about Jess needing a ‘written apology’ really annoyed me too.

  5. In Hungarian, the term “warm” also means “homosexual”. Bella surely has no instinct for how to choose a boyfriend – first Edward, now Jacob…

  6. Actually, the “most confusing” passage makes sense to me *blushes, turns away in shame*
    The “I wasn’t sure which would be harder to see” is explained, she means option 1: house being empty, option 2: furniture still there, everything as before. 1 being horrible because it will shock her and she’d rather remember it the way it was (impious grandma-reference), 2 because it will stir up memories. What she says about the house disappearing is meant to tell us that’s the only thing worse that could be happening, for it to vanish altogether. Probably because it’s all that remains as evidence of the vampires having been there at all. Then she elaborates on that again describing how the vampires might have left all their stuff inside “untouched and forgotten”, which is pretty much the way Bella is at that point.

    Don’t get me wrong. I hate Twilight. I only read the first book and stumbled upon your website about a week ago so now I’m reading up the other ones on here. But what you pointed out didn’t seem much more senseless than the other stuff SM (I wonder if she’s bothered her initials are so naughty?) writes. Or maybe I’m just in an emo mood today. Or I got it all wrong, but I wanted to share in case anybody really spent two thoughts about the deeper meaning of the passage *lol*

    Keep it up, you’re brightening my work-days. Sans sparkling skin of course.

    • Haha, thanks for the explanation! We’re glad someone was able to figure it out. But yeah, it’s not much more terrible than anything else SMeyer writes; we just felt like highlighting a good example of the “say what?” moments we stumble across in these books.

      Glad we can brighten up your work days!

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