19. Goodbyes

Chapter Synopsis

Charlie is waiting up for Bella when she, Edward, Alice, and Emmett get back to the house. James isn’t at the house, so Bella is allowed to go in for 15 minutes to pack. Of course, she’s crying. Then Bella hatches a plan.

She storms into the house, pretending like she’s just had a fight with Edward, and goes up to her room to pack, informing Charlie along the way that she’s leaving Forks — right now. Bella and Edward (who came in through the window, duh) throw some clothes into a bag, and Bella goes back downstairs to really hand it to Charlie. She tells him she hates Forks as much as her mom did, and doesn’t want to end up like her. This really hurts Charlie, but he still tries to convince her to stick it out one more week. Because, in roughly a week, Bella’s mom, Renee, will be back in Phoenix (things aren’t going well with Phil’s baseball career in Florida). But Bella insists that she’s leaving immediately, and Charlie lets her go.

Edward is waiting for Bella in her truck, and everyone heads for the Cullens’ house for one last tactical session. On the way, Edward explains to Bella why James won’t give up on hunting her until she’s dead — she smells so good, and it’s like a game for him now. Edward realizes they have no choice but to kill James.

When they finally get to the house, Laurent is there talking with Carlizzle. He warns them about James and how reckless and lethal he is, and apologizes for bringing this on them. Here begins the weird habit of the Cullens carrying Bella everywhere. Emmett carries Bella into the house, Esme carries her upstairs so they can switch clothes (to further confuse James), Alice carries her to the car… can’t she walk anymore?

Everyone splits up — Alice, Jasper, and Bella are headed to Phoenix, while everyone else is given the task of hunting the hunter, and leading him as far away from Bella as possible. Of course Bella is devastated to be separated from Edward… however will she survive??

Best Worst Lines

“‘I got a good look at his mind tonight,’ he began in a low voice. ‘I’m not sure if there’s anything I could have done to avoid this, once he saw you. It is patially your fault.’ His voice was wry. ‘If you didn’t smell so appallingly luscious, he might not have bothered.'” (397)

“Emmett had my door open before the truck was stopped; he pulled me out of the seat, tucked me like a football into his vast chest, and ran me through the door.” (399)   (TOUCHDOWNNNNNN!)

“‘Nothing stops James when he gets stated.'” (399)   (That’s what she said.)

“‘Go in in peace,’ was Carlisle’s formal answer.” (400)   (To love and serve the Lord.)

Things That Really Irk Us

All the carrying of Bella. For the love of God, it can’t possibly save THAT MUCH time to carry her up a set of stairs or to and from the car.

Also, what is the point of Edward picking Bella up just to kiss her goodbye? It’s so cliche it hurts.

If the goal now is to kill James, why not just set a trap for him in Forks? He’s going to track Bella anyway, so why waste so much time and gasoline to go all the way to Phoenix?

Final Thoughts

Somebody had better die soon. We’d prefer it to be Bella, so we can see how Edward would then go about trying to commit suicide. Would he rip his own body limb from limb and burn the pieces?

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13 Responses to “19. Goodbyes”

  1. I laughed out loud by the touchdown remark.

    Sorry she smells so ‘appallingly luscious’. She just bought new bodywash… she can’t help it.

    If only Bella died… if only, if only.

  2. Yes, but if Bella died we wouldn’t get the joy that is New Moon! (insert sarcasm)

  3. This was the part of the book that made me really angry. Charlie was one of the few characters in the book that was even a little bit interesting, and Bella throws the divorce in his face to give herself an excuse to leave the house. I would never do that to my father. Bitch.

  4. I agree but isn’t it saying something how even her father doesn’t put up much of a fight to keep her?

  5. oh, yes, touchdown. emmett proceeds to throw bella down on the ground and do a victory dance. then jasper gets drenched in sports drink. STICKY VAMPY!!

    oh, and i love how bella smells so deliciously….floral?? i suppose i can understand it…i mean, how can you look at a chrysanthemum and NOT think, “yeah, i’m gonna put that in my mouth…

    appallingly luscious? REALLY? GAWD…

  7. BWAhahaha!! I could not stop laughing at the “That’s what she said.” Keep up the hilarity!

    • We’ll do our best! The material just keeps getting worse and worse, though…

  8. Aren’t “appalling” and “luscious” kind of mutually exclusive?

    BTW, the touchdown comment may have been the funniest thing either of you has ever said.

  9. No EliTheGirl the funniest thing these 2 women have said is calling Carlisle a veggie-pire. Now that was a LOL moment!

  10. Laurent is out of the equation, it’s just James and Victoria… Two vamps…Against how many Cullens…
    Christ, this stuff is low IQ shit!

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