20. Impatience

Chapter Synopsis

Version One: “When I woke up, I was confused.” So are we. Bella wakes up in a hotel room. But then she, Alice, and Jasper are back on the road, before they get to said hotel. But then she’s back in the hotel. But wait! She doesn’t remember the hotel, despite describing it in some detail. She’s also groggy and sleepy, but yet she can remember detailed conversations she had on the way to the hotel. Confused? Yes. Surprised? No.

Version Two: Bella wakes up confused, and doesn’t fully remember how she got to where she is (which is a hotel room in Phoenix). But then, somehow, she remembers great details about the drive through California, including whole conversations… She also describes the room that she “has no memory of.” 

Alice comes to wake Bella up around 3 a.m. with some food (dear Eddie reminded Alice that Bella is mortal, and needs real food from time to time). Jasper and Alice are being calm and kind because they don’t want Bella to freak out, but they’re secretly worried because Carlisle hasn’t called yet. Jasper uses his super powers to try and keep Bella calm, and Bella confides in him about some of her fears. Then she spends a lot of time pacing and thinking while her two vampire companions sit very still and stare at the TV. It’s all rather boring.

Bella finally decides to go back to bed, but not before she and Alice have a little chat. Bella asks the big question — how does one become a vampire? Alice doesn’t want to tell her (she’s been warned not to by Edward), but she does anyway. It’s pretty simple — you get bitten, the venom paralyzes you, and then it takes a very painful couple of days for the transformation to become complete.

Then, suddenly, Alice senses a change in things. She has a vision of a long room (damnit!) with mirrors, and another dark room where James is in the dark watching something in the dark. What does this mean? James’ plans have changed — he’s now headed for the dark room and the mirror room, wherever they are.

Carlisle finally calls shortly thereafer. Alice tells him about her new vision, and Carlisle says they lost James when he got on a plane (foreshadowing much?). Bella gets to talk to her hunny on the phone briefly. Angst, angst, angst.

Alice then tries to draw the long mirrored room, and Bella recognizes it — it’s the ballet studio she used to go to as a child. And where is it? Phoenix, of course. Bella asks Alice if she can call her mom to warn her not to come home. Of course Renee doesn’t pick up, so Bella leaves a message.

Bella eats some leftovers and then falls asleep (gotta wrap up the chapter with some boring exposition of course).

Best Worst Lines

“She looked at me with her splendid, wise eyes… choosing.” (413)

“‘I miss you,’ I whispered.

‘I know, Bella. Believe me, I know. It’s like you’ve taken half myself away with you.’

‘Come and get it then,’ I challenged.” (418)

“I concentrated on the news, watching out for stories about Florida, or about spring training — strikes or hurricanes or terrorist attacks — anything that might send them home early.” (421)   (Umm. What would a terrorist attack have to do with someone getting sent home from baseball spring training??)

Things That Really Irk Us

The beginning of this chapter, with all its jumping around from hotel to road to hotel with Bella being all confused is more confusing to us than the Council of Elrond scene in Tolkien’s “Fellowship of the Ring.” Which is impressive, because that scene is pretty damn confusing.

When Alice is drawing the ballet studio, Bella is talking — in great detail — about where certain things were in the room (the bathroom, the stereo, the windows). But when Alice asks her if she’s sure it’s the same place, Bella’s all “Oh no, not at all. Most dance studios probably look the same.” Dumb Bella. I’ve never seen a dance studio like the one you’re describing.

Even though everyone knows Alice’s visions are subjective, Bella is still soooo confused as to why James would be at this ballet studio from her youth. “Why would I go back there?” she asks. Duh, Bella. You’re a dumbass.

And, considering the amount of things Bella can’t remember because of sleepiness, and Alice can’t see because of darkness, they do a pretty good job of describing everything in great detail anyway. We wish they would stop, because we really don’t care.

Final Thoughts

Bella is still stupid.

Also, going off this chapter’s title, WE are really impatient for this dumb story to be over.

Go to Chapter 21.

8 Responses to “20. Impatience”

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  2. I too long fr the end…. big time.

  3. And, considering the amount of things Bella can’t remember because of sleepiness, and Alice can’t see because of darkness, they do a pretty good job of describing everything in great detail anyway. We wish they would stop, because we really don’t care. <- agreed. times 2

  4. Unlike Bella, when I am tired I cannot come up with very detailed descriptions about this chapter so I’ll stick with something simple, why can’t Jasper lose control already?

    • Hmm…good question! 😛
      Shouldn’t he have, I dunno, eaten Bella by now? I thought he couldn’t stand being near her? /:)

  5. You left out a crucial fail to SMeyers stupid story. James caught a plane. Like WTF?? He’s a Nomad with most likely No ID which is required to catch a plane, he got past security wearing nothing but trousers, dirty skin and hair AND FUCKING RED EYES. Like SERIOUSLY!! Lets not even get into the fact it’s probably a million times faster if he actually RAN. If he wanted to lose the Cullens Ok that makes sense – but getting through without causing a disturbance is like, Impossible. Fuck you SMeyer. You’re an idiot.

    • Nothing ceases to amaze us anymore when it comes to this series and its epic fails. Maybe James spruced up a bit for his flight? Haha.

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