12. Intruder

Chapter Synopsis

We are lead to believe that Victoria has come for Bella at last, and is now scratching at her window. Scratch, scratch, scratch. She sees a dark shape outside her bedroom and starts freaking out (this never bothered her before when it was Edward, though!). But then she hears a husky male voice outside (even though the window appears to be closed). Of course it’s Jacob. He’s hanging off the top of a spruce tree outside Bella’s window TWENTY FEET above the ground, yelling at her. Dangling like some sort of cartoon character. He wants to come in and talk to Bella, and, despite her protesting, he swings himself all nimble-like into the room.

Bella is mad, but Jacob is there to apologize; he realizes he hurt Bella earlier. Jacob is also not wearing a shirt. All of a sudden, all of Bella’s sleepless nights catch up with her, and she feels soooo tired that she could just collapse on the spot and pass out. Which she nearly does. Jake, husky, buff, half-naked friend that he is, catches her and puts her on the bed. Ugh, Bella, can you get any more cliché damsel in distress?

Jacob tells Bella that he wants to explain to her what’s going on with him, but that he can’t. He seems physically unable to. He seems to know the kind of secret Bella is keeping (about the Cullens), and says he has a similar one now. There’s talk about loyalty. Blah, blah. Bella wonders when Jacob suddenly started buying into Billy’s “superstitions,” and says so. But Jake ignores her, and tells Bella that she already KNOWS what’s going on; Jacob told her all those months ago at La Push when he told her those scary stories. But Bella is oh so tired, and was really only using Jacob back then to get dirt on the Cullens and vampires, so of course she can’t recall any of the other things Jake told her that night. Jake is mildly upset, and also definitely aware of Eddie-poo being a bloodsucker. Bella is baffled.

Jacob tells her to sleep on it, and says he has to go. “They” will notice him missing. Bella then goes on a tirade about how much she hates Sam Uley and his gang. Jake defends the guys, though, saying he was wrong about them before. He finally steals off – shirtless – into the night, but not before hugging Bella and making her promise to call him once she figures it out (he seems to have confidence in this ability in her, which we think is perhaps giving her too much credit). Jacob seems worried that, when she does figure it out, she won’t want to be friends with him anymore.

When Bella finally falls asleep, she has a very different dream. She’s back in the very first dream she had about Edward – back at La Push. In the dream, Edward is there, but so is Jacob. And Jacob transforms before Bella’s eyes into the giant red-brown wolf that stared into her soul when Laurent almost ate her in the meadow. Bella wakes up screaming. She knows what Jacob is – a werewolf! The word is choking her (go vocabulary!), and she’s finding it hard to breathe. We aren’t sure why she’s so surprised – she’s already accepted that vampires exist. Bella wonders how she’s drawn to all these “mythical” creatures (so are we), and wonders what her taste in company says about her. She decides there must be something wrong with her (ding ding ding!).

Bella gets up, and insists that she’s going down to La Push to talk to Jacob. Charlie argues with her about it being too early, but gives in like he always does. He warns her to be careful – there’s been another “wolf” attack, and men in the town are goin’ a’ huntin’. Bella’s worried about Charlie, and then starts realizing that these wolves – these werewolves – are killing people. Bella begins comparing the werewolves to the Cullens, trying to figure out how she feels about all of this new information.

Best Worst Lines


She’d come for me.

I was dead.

Not Charlie, too!”

“I’d cried myself to sleep over this boy. His harsh rejection had punched a painful new hole in what was left of my chest. He’d left a new nightmare behind him, like an infection in a sore — the insult after the injury.”

“We looked at each other for a long moment in the dark room, both our faces hopeless.”   (Long moment… dark room… ugh, unnecessary adjectives!)

“He spoke the words right into my face; his breath was as hot as his skin.”   (… Sexy?)

“Whatever he was trying to do, it was so hard he was panting.”   (That’s what she said.)

“I protected the Cullens’ secret out of love; unrequited, but true.” (287)   (Gag.)

“I took his hand, and suddenly he yanked me — too roughly — right off the bed so that I thudded against his chest.”

“He would be beautiful as an angel, and his teeth would be pointed and sharp…”

“Could a world really exist where ancient legends went wandering around the borders of tiny, insignificant towns, facing down mythical monsters? Did this mean every impossible fairy tale was grounded somewhere in absolute truth? Was there anything sane or normal at all, or was everything just magic and ghost stories?

I clutched my head in my hands, trying to keep it from exploding.” (293)

“Why else would my life be filled with characters from horror movies? Why else would I care so much about them that it would tear big chunks right out of my chest when they went off along their mythical ways?”

“A pack of five mind-blowingly gigantic, multihued werewolves that had stalked right past me in Edward’s meadow…” (295)

“‘You aren’t turning into a tree-hugger on me, are you?'” (296)   (Yes, Charlie, that’s definitely the thing to worry about with Bella.)

“If he hadn’t been watching me, I would have put my head between my knees.”

“If he really was a — I cringed and forced myself to think the word — werewolf (and I knew it was true, I could feel it), then people would be shooting at him! I needed to tell him and his friends that people would try to kill them if they went running around like gigantic wolves. I needed to tell them to stop.”   (Yes, surely they can just STOP at your command, Bella.)

“Jacob was my best friend, but was he a monster, too? A real one? A bad one? Should I warn him, if he and his friends were… were murderers!” (298)   (Isn’t the connotation for “monster” usually a bad one?)

Things That Really Irk Us

Jacob swinging into Bella’s window, like a frickin’ trapeze artist. Too much.

Having Jacob (and, we assume the rest of the were-boys) be so hot-skinned. Oooooh, juxtaposition. The cold-skinned vampys versus the hot-skinned werewolves!

The fact that, when something is really bothering or confusing Bella, or when she has a dilemma to solve, she always has a dream that gives her the answer. How very, very convenient.

We can clearly see that the wolves are, in fact, protectors, and it’s obviously Victoria and Laurent attacking all of these hikers. Why can’t Bella put two and two together? Oh yeah… she’s dumb.

Bella always feeling faint and weak around guys. Ugggghhhhh. Grow a pair, Bella. Aren’t you supposed to be our heroine (or at least heroin) here?

Throwing werewolves into the mix means that SMeyer probably does have enough crap for two more books after this one. Kill us now.

Final Thoughts

We really hope Jacob can knock some sense into Bella. Maybe she’ll stop wandering off into the woods alone in search of the voice in her head. Then again, maybe her wanderings will lead to a plot? We still haven’t seen much of one yet… the werewolf mystery is about to be resolved, and then what?

Go to Chapter 13.

12 Responses to “12. Intruder”

  1. And this is where I begin to lose a little respect for Jake… oh so short did my respect for him last.

    Ding Ding, you win a prize for figuring out Jake was a werewolf… it only took you one and a half books to find out something that was essentially told you in the first 5 chapters of the first book. Bravo.

    Charlie didn’t read enough parenting books… When your child does something you don’t want them to do you don’t just voice your concern and let them go… you forbid them to do so… but whatever… Charlie is still my favorite character… Despite his questionable parenting skills.

    Do you figure that that dream trick would work for me trying to figure out the stock market? IT would be awfully convinent to get a dream about which stocks would be worth the most in the next couple of months…

  2. Haha, we know, Morganne – what a great, convenient skill it would be!

    Also, you are a commenting champ. And we love you for that!

  3. I might barf, ugh. Hate Twilight. Must have mentioned this before.

  4. My antipathy towards Twilight’s is too much, to the point that I can’t bear to read your synopsis anymore. I wish the hype of this dumb ‘saga’ would quickly disappear and thrust into oblivion, like Titanic, though the film deserve its fame, and I don’t think people has entirely forgotten about it, okay bad comparison. 🙂 Anyway, the Twilight Saga is like an English novel version of Japanese Shoujo Manga, outrageously sappy, self-centred, and stupid. Makes me wonder if SM devours that kind of thing too.

    Pardon my grammar. I’m not Western and I’m not very good with expressing myself in English.

    • Yeah, we know “Twilight” is a lot to handle. We’re sorry that you’re not going to read any further, but we hope you at least got a chuckle out of what you’ve read so far! And please, check out the other stuff around the site, too!

  5. I’m sorry. I’ve just been cracking up over the description of the
    “mind-blowingly gigantic, multihued werewolves.” Are you kidding me? What’s next, SMeyer? I bet she’ll try to throw in the non-word ginormous.

  6. “holy crow ginormous multihued werewolves, Batman.”

  7. It is my head that will explode if Bella mentions her chest one more time. I wish she fell apart already.

  8. It would probably benefit Bella if she started doing drugs. At least then she could blame her incompentency and stupidity on something.

    Charlie-“What is all this talk about huge wolves and vampires??”
    Bella-“Sorry, Charlie, it was acid. You know how I get on that stuff. Smurfs start coming out of the TV.”

  9. Why can’t anyone just use the front door? I mean, in the books, I can think of at least two instances in which one or more of the Cullens sneak in through the front door……not the window! And considering how much Charlie likes Jake and how much of a pushover he is, I think Jake could waltz through the front door with the entire wolfpack, in wolf form, and Charlie would just shake his head and go fishing.

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