17. The Game

Chapter Synopsis

Edward takes Bella home to prep for the baseball game, and he decides it’s also time for him to finally meet Charlie. But nothing can be that easy in the angst-pit of Forks, and the Blacks are waiting on the porch when Ed and Bella pull in. Edward is angry, because he knows the appearance of the Blacks means that they’ve come to warn Charlie about the relationship his daughter is having. But Charlie isn’t home, and so Bella — being the strong, confident female lead that she is — goes to take care of it. And she’s surprised that Edward lets her. (Is this healthy? No.) Edward leaves to go change, telling Bella he’ll be back to get her (and to meet Charlie) at dusk (or… dun dun dun… twilight).

Billy Black starts warning Bella about the Cullens, and the “unpleasant reputation” they have on the reservation. But Bella’s all, “It’s none of your beeswax, Indian man.” Bella hints that she knows more about the Cullens than Billy gives her credit for. The two awkwardly fight over whether it’s Charlie business that it’s their business that it’s his business that it’s Bella’s business. Confused? Us, too. Billy gives Bella another warning and some fish fry for Charlie, and then the Blacks take their leave (much to Jacob’s disliking).

Bella goes to change (cue a wardrobe dilemma), and Jessica calls to talk about the dance and Mike Schmike (oh em gee, he kissed her!), but Bella cuts the convo short when she hears Charlie coming home. The two eat in awkward silence, and Bella  fumbles over how to broach the subject of Edward. Charlie doesn’t like the idea of Bella dating “Edwin,” but Bella doesn’t really care, and brushes off her father’s concerns like usual.

Edward then shows up in the pouring rain, and is finally introduced to Charlie. The two men poke fun at the idea of Bella playing baseball, and Charlie admires the monster jeep Edward has driven over. It’s necessary, however, because they’re about to do some off-roading in order to get to the ball game. Bella also realizes she’ll have to climb onto Edward’s back again and be whisked off into the forest. She’s not too fond of this idea, because she’s whiny and insecure and didn’t like it last time.

Bella gives Ed another of her passionate kisses, and he gets angry with her. But he gets his revenge when she falls on her ass in the mud once they finally reach the field. There’s another short argument about Edward continually putting Bella in danger. We’re really getting sick of this conversation, by the way. And then the other Cullens are there, ready to play ball — Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlizzle, Jasper, and Alice (who continues to dance).

We learn a little about Esme during the game (Bella is only watching, and Esme is acting as umpire), including the fact that she lost a child and tried to commit suicide. Great role model for young teens, Esme is. The game is on, and the vampires can hit the ball really hard and run really fast (this is why they must play during a thunderstorm — so the mere mortals won’t be suspicious of the noise).

But then Alice suddenly gasps. The “others” she sensed are closer than she thought — in fact, they’re on their way to the game! So the Cullens are on the alert, and Bella takes out her ponytail to hide her scent. Do we smell an actual plot brewing???

Best Worst Lines

“He had found the weak chink in my armor.

‘Charlie likes the Cullens a lot,’ I hedged. He clearly understood my evasion. His expression was unhappy, but unsurprised.

‘It’s not my business,’ he said. ‘But it may be Charlie’s.’

‘Though it would be my business, again, whether or not I think it’s Charlie’s business, right?'” (353)

“‘Edward is the youngest, the one with the reddish brown hair.’ The beautiful one, the godlike one…” (357)

“I hadn’t realized how hard it was pouring outside. Edward stood in the halo of the porch light, looking like a male model in an advertisement for raincoats.” (358)

“‘This is a… umm… big jeep you have.'” (360)   (That’s what she said.)

“His run was more aggressive, a cheetah rather than a gazelle, and he quickly overtook them.” (367)

Things That Really Irk Us

Bella is such an ungrateful little bitch to all the adults in her life. We want to slap her.

No more dancing, Alice, mmk?

Bella and Edward’s relationship is driving us nuts. She’s all, “Oh, I’m the clumsy, unfortunate damsel in distress!” and Edward is all, “I’m the controlling, blood-thirsty anti-Prince Charming!” And somehow this is appealing? We are getting bored. If we were dating a couple of cannibals, would that be hot, too?

Final Thoughts

We’re wondering if there will ever be any shred of a plot? We’re not holding out much hope. We’re also really tired of Edward apologizing to Bella for constantly putting her in danger, but then allowing her to follow him around like a sick puppy anyway. A little contradictory there, Ed.

Go to Chapter 18.

6 Responses to “17. The Game”

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  2. The whole romance betwee the two is frightningly sick to be honest. I hate it. I hate every sick moment they spend together. Sure they don’t “Do” anything yet… but that’s ALL Bella thinks about. Sorry Bella, but love is about more than dazzling men with liquid topaz eyes… guess you never learned that.

  3. I love your site so far. My only complaint is that, so far, your reviews are one big, chunky paragraph, and kit kind of makes it difficult to read. Other than that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    • Yeah, they continue to be long paragraphs. Sorry. Originally, we were planning on just short little paragraphs of chapter summary. But, we eventually got carried away. Haha.

      Perhaps we’ll consider going back through and breaking them up a bit when we have some time. We don’t want anything to be difficult to read!

  4. How many adlts have tried to warn Bella about this relationship? She should take the hint!

  5. But it’s my business if it’s his business because your business isn’t my business and his business is your business and it’s my business because my business isn’t his business……blah blah blah blah

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