10. Interrogations

Chapter Synopsis

Edward shows up at Bella’s house unexpectedly the next morning to offer her a ride to school. She discovers the Cullens’ affinity for fast, “ostentatious” cars.

Jess is waiting in Trig to “ambush” Bella about her night with vampy boy. Edward, meanwhile, tells Bella he’ll be listening in on what she tells Jess about her feelings for him. All Bella can think about is seeing Eddy-poo again at lunch. Jessica wants details, but Bella avoids giving away too much. Jess starts to talk about her date with Mike, but Bella doesn’t really give a shit.

Cue lunch. Oh em gee — Edward picks up the lunch tab and sits with Bella again. They have basically the same conversation they have every time they talk, only this time Bella learns Edward’s favorite “drink”: mountain lion (Emmett, meanwhile prefers bear).

Edward tells Bella he won’t be around the next few days, due to a planned hunting trip, and Bella asks if she’ll ever get to see her boy toy in action. Edward is appalled at this thought.

Best Worst Lines

“‘W-o-w.’ She exaggerated the word into three syllables.” (203)   (We dare you to try it — we’ve been trying to discern how it’s possible to make that word three syllables for weeks now. We still can’t figure it out.)

“‘Do you truly believe that you car more for me than I do for you?’ he murmured, leaning closer to me as he spoke, his dark golden eyes piercing.

I tried to remember how to exhale. I had to look away before it came back to me.

‘You’re doing it again,’ I muttered.

His eyes opened wide with surprise. ‘What?’

‘Dazzling me,’ I admitted, trying to concentrate as I looked back again.

‘Oh.’ He frowned.

‘It’s not your fault,’ I sighed. ‘You can’t help it.'” (208-209)

Things That Really Irk Us

Bella saying what she’s thinking out loud makes her sound even dumber. It makes us feel embarrassed on her behalf.

The fact that Edward is never really described in a way that allows us to picture him. We get the chiseled features, crooked smile, and golden eyes, but, really, saying someone has a “destroying angel face” doesn’t really make it possible for us to see him. We’ve never seen anyone that “perfect.”

Edward is beginning to take over Bella’s life. He drives her to school, buys her lunch, and reads the minds of all her friends in order to keep an eye on her. Seriously. Does nobody else find this as creepy as we do? Where we’re from, this would be considered borderline stalking after only the first date.

Final Thoughts

This book is really offering pre-teens a really screwed up idea of what love is supposed to be. Typically, the person who loves you doesn’t lust over the thought of sucking your blood and killing you…

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22 Responses to “10. Interrogations”

  1. […] 10. Interrogations […]

  2. Wh – ow – wah?

  3. I love your chapter summaries so much. They amuse me to no end. As to the “Wow” factor… I’ve been trying to figure that same thing out myself… in order to make it work… you would have to make yourself sound REALLY stupid… and thus ruining any sarcastic value. Sad really.

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m still in it for those Tide Pools!

  4. Glad you’re enjoying them, Morganne! And yes… those tide pools still get our juices flowing, too.

  5. Hm, when I read this I tried to pronounce “Wow” into three syllables, and I’m pretty sure certain parts of my brain just… died. “Wuh-ah-ow”? You know, I used to be a Twilight freak, but after reading this.. I guess I’m coming “into the light.”

  6. Haha, we love that this “Wow” conundrum has got so many people thinking. Who knew?

    Also, welcome, Sarah! You couldn’t have been too huge of a Twilight freak if you’re not telling us we’re dumb and ugly for writing this blog. Lol. Sooooo glad that you found us and that we’re slowly converting you!

  7. Wh-ah-ow, you guys. Just wh-ah-ow.

    I love this so much! I was once a rabid twilight-fan, wasted my artistic experience drawing fanart and everything. Fortunately, I was recently cured and find it hilarious that I used to find these… “books”…. entertaining.

    Oh, wh-ah-ow! Guess I’m not the only newly-cured Sarah out there!

  8. I spent a good three minutes trying to break “Wow” down into three syllables. And another good three minutes laughing

  9. I love you both already. Haha. I keep wondering if Stephanie Meyer just typed this out on Microsoft Word and used the “Synonym” finder to get the ridiculous words she uses.

    Edward isn’t a borderline stalker, he’s definitely a stalker, completely insane, and has no idea of any social norms.

  10. I agree completely with your final thoughts. I fear for the future generations.

  11. Hahaha This website is so great. I was thinking more like


  12. Wow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow. it hurts that much.
    also, congratulations, sarahs! i, too am a recent convert to sanity.

  13. Woo-ow-oo ;>.>

    This is a book that’s only good the first time you read it, then you go back to read it again and you see all the mistakes, the flaws, and the downright STUPIDITY

  14. w-o-ow. lol.

  15. is wow an acronym? Even so, it still most likely wouldn’t be three syllables. obviously, not one word with three syllables if it was an acronym.

  16. .. Wha-ow-uh?
    I have no idea.

    A “Destroying Angel’s” face, eh?
    .. So his face is that of a deadly mushroom?
    Do explain how Mushrooms suck blood.

  17. She had to REMEMBER how to exhale?
    W-o-w, I know some pretty daft people (friends of course <3) but the day they forget how to breath will be the same day hell freezes over. SMeyer is so dumb, I actually feel BAD for her. I never feel bad for people who have made/done crappy things. EVER.

  18. Wuh-uh-ow? My head feels strange. See? I just sacrificed half of my IQ points for you! I hope you’re happy.

  19. Way late here, but regarding a 3 syllable wow: Wa-uh-ow.
    Just a thought

  20. I think it’s woo-ow-woo. I think.

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