Do We Intoxicate You?

Hello all! We have posted the Twilight drinking game  (for alcohol — we do not condone the drinking of blood here at Anti-Forks). Be warned, one of us has done this and it may cause serious brain damage (or it may preserve a good chunk of your frontal lobe — who knows?) We recommend you follow it up with a night filled with water and a late, late morning.

Please, if any of you out there of the proper drinking age try this, let us know how long you last. (The Destroying Angel lasted up to the point when Bella went to Port Angeles and was drinking some pretty strong Amarula/vanilla vodka mixed yum yums in her tum tums.)

(Just to show you what Amarula does to animal and give you an idea, follow this link: Animals Eating Marula Fruit )

We hope you enjoy this tasty tidbit.


~ by vampychronicles on June 16, 2009.

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