21. Verdict

Chapter Synopsis

Jane leads the mismatched pack of vampires and Bella through an underground office setting, into an elevator, and through some hallways. (All very exciting!) Edward remains tense and brooding throughout this time, and Bella remains angsty and scared. They are all lead through a reception area (where Bella is astonished to find a human secretary) and eventually meet up with Alec — a young vampire who could be Jane’s twin. This whole time, Felix is thinking naughty thoughts about eating Bella, and Edward remains angry.

The group finally passes through an old wooden door and enters what appears to be an old castle turret that is filled with the pretty vampires of the Volturi. Aro — one of the original Volturi — glides forward to enthusiastically greet his new guests. Bella notes how papery and fragile his skin looks, and wants to touch it. Aro is very pleased to see Edward again, and is super pumped that Bella and Alice showed up to save him. He loves “happy endings.”

Aro seems to know a lot about Bella and Alice already, and eventually explains that he has a talent similar to Edward’s — he can read thoughts (every thought a person has ever had, in fact), but he needs direct contact with the person in order for it to work. He’s jealous of Edward’s skillz.

Aro’s explanation is interrupted by the arrival of the other two founding Volturi — Marcus and Caius. They look just as old and brittle as Aro, but they are lacking their brother’s excitement. Marcus looks bored, in fact, though he does let Aro know (by touching is hand) how surprised he is by the intensity of Bella and Edward’s relationship. Apparently “seeing relationships” is Marcus’ special talent? We say he got ripped off.

Aro then goes on to question Edward about Bella, and to admire his resolve and self control. Aro is pleased and proud that Carlizzle and his family have turned out so well. Aro, being the curious ancient vampy that he is, then wonders if HIS powers will work on Bella. He asks Bella if he can touch her, and she is both terrified and excited — this way she’ll get to feel his skin! She allows this, because she has a feeling that she doesn’t really have the option of saying no.

Lo and behold, Aro’s powers don’t work on Bella, either! Aro then calls Jane forward, and Edward suddenly starts freaking out. There’s more snarling and growling. He throws himself at Jane, but he ends up on the floor, writhing in pain. Bella realizes that Jane’s “formidable power” must be something like an instantaneous Cruciatus Curse — she can hurt people with a glance. Aro wants Jane to test her power on Bella. She eventually does (after Eddie peels himself off the stone floor), but, surprise!, her power is useless on Bella, too. Aro finds this all very amusing, and keeps exclaiming, “This is wonderful!” We wonder what he’s on? He’s far too excited and happy.

And then comes the real reason they’re there. Aro invites them, one by one, to join the Volturi. Edward and Alice decline gracefully, and then Aro extends the invitation to Bella. When Caius objects to this, Aro says that Bella has such great potential, and it would be a waste if she didn’t become a vampy, too. But Caius would rather just see them all dead; he claims that Bella knows too much, and she, at the very least, shouldn’t be allowed to leave Volterra. Eddie growls some more and bares his teeth.

Aro, unhappy that the conversation has taken such a grisly turn, asks Ed if, perhaps, he does plan to turn Bella afterall. Before Eddiekins can answer, though, Alice reveals her thoughts and visions to Aro through a nifty palm-to-palm session. Aro is pleased with what he sees, and tells his brothers not to fret. Edward, Alice, and Bella are free to go, but not before Caius warns them not to dawdle with turning Bella — because the Volturi will be checking up on them.

The trio hurries out of the chamber, but they aren’t moving fast enough for Edward and Alice. Why? Because Heidi, a red-vinyl-wearing Volturi temptress is bringing a large group of unsuspecting tourists into the chamber to become dinner for the Volturi clan. They can’t get Bella out before the screaming starts.

Best Worst Lines

“She laughed — the sound sparkled with delight like a baby’s cooing.”   (… WTF?)

“I felt a strange, horrifying urge to touch his cheek, to see if it was softer than Edward’s or Alice’s, or if it was powdery, like chalk.”

“Edward was truly snarling now, the sound ripping and tearing from him, glaring at Aro with baleful eyes.”

“And would it really matter that Alice was willing, would it make any difference if I did become a vampire, when the idea was so repulsive to Edward? If death was, to him, a better alternative than having me around forever, an immortal annoyance? Terrified as I was, I felt myself sinking down into depression, drowning in it…” (480)

Things That Really Irk Us

Bella’s obsession with touching people. Why does she have this fascination? We’re sure she’d be freaked out if strangers wanted to touch HER face all the time.

Aro irks us. It’s like SMeyer was trying waaaaay to hard to make him a character that people would like. He just comes off as very fake and annoying. And picturing him with long, flowing black hair doesn’t help matters at all. This will surely mean more bad wigs in the future.

The fact that Bella remains “speshul” and immune to the vampires and their fancy skillz. We’re still trying to figure out why the hell this matters. So far, it’s only made Bella more emo and all, “Oooo, I’m such a freak!”

Heidi. It’s one thing to send a hot vampy woman out to collect unsuspecting tourists for din-din. But it’s another to have her dressed like a hooker.

Final Thoughts

That’s it?? That’s all the excitement of this mad dash to Italy? What the hell? SMeyer, you suck. A lot.

Go to Chapter 22.

14 Responses to “21. Verdict”

  1. […] days to try to get all the way through New Moon- and we’re almost there! So here are Chapters 21 and […]

  2. I don’t know why, but when I read about Aro it reminds me of a character from an anime called Fruits Basket. He is SO much like one of the characters. It cracks me up. He’s WAY too upbeat, I agree. Trying WAY too hard.

    The one dude can sense relationships? What the hell kind of power is that? What kind of a power is that? What good could that do anybody? Unless of course he was going to become a marriage counselor… and even then I’m not so sure what good it would do… seriously.

    If Aro eats people… why is he really glad about Carlizzle and his family NOT eating humans? Is it like when a smoker is glad for his friend who has stopped smoking? Is that what it’s like?

    I also enjoy all of the talking through various means. Sometimes regular conversation will do, but other times they just MUST converse via “special powers”. That irks me big time. If the reader already knows information the other character needs to find out then figure another way of telling us they were told. They do NOT need to converse via special skills…

    The touching obsession is weird.

  3. I think Caius needs to see a shrink. Forget Bella, he should just eat her, kill Ed (who would be really pissed that he had eaten Bella) then see a psychologist.

  4. I hate how SMeyer has ripped ideas off of vastly superior writers in this damn Twilight series. Annoyed!

  5. she doesnt just rip them off, she ruins them. completely and utterly ruins ideas of writers who, actually, i dunno, have this ability, TO WRITE!
    oh wait, she can write, a whole load peppy, angsty, emo, gay “Insert whichever swear word you think would be most appropriate. there are many.”
    calm now.

  6. Second HP reference 🙂 You guys rock!

  7. “Alec and Jane, holding hands, led the way down yet another wide, ornate hall¬ would there ever be an end?”
    That’s the exact question I’ve been asking myself since about the third chapter of the first book…

    • Hahaha. Wish there was a “like” button for this comment. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

  8. How come no one in Volterra notices hundreds of tourists disappear into the same building every week?

    • Because it’s an SMeyer book, and therefore devoid of logic!

      • I don’t understand. They’d eat a bunch of innocent tourists, but they let Bella, a human who knows about vampires, go! WHY? This makes absolutely no sense! Does Meyer seriously think that it does?

      • SMeyer probably thinks all of this is REAL.

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