Interlude: Our Favorite

We have found our favorite pages!! They are pages 85-92. Really some of Meyer’s best stuff, if you ask us. It was compelling, yet to the point. We were able to follow along easily, and it really did wonders for the plot.

(In case you haven’t read the book — which is totally okay, we’d even recommend it — pages 85-92 are blank, except for four words: October, November, December, January. Apparently Meyer is trying to suggest that Bella’s life during these months is such a dark pit of angst and misery that she can’t even write about it. Thank God. We wish she would have continued in this vein for the rest of the series. It would save us a lot of misery.)

Go to Chapter 4.

12 Responses to “Interlude: Our Favorite”

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  2. At least it isn’t filled with purple prose, but this is a sign of being a weak writer. Meyer couldn’t write the difficult stuff, so she opted for blank pages. Here, we get further proof that Bella is a weak female protagonist who is a disgrace to feminism. Who the hell goes into a coma/zombie state for four months if their three-month long boyfriend leaves them?

    • I DOOOOO!!!!!
      i am also turned on by my bf’s blood-lust and am A-ok with laying in the mud for hours…and hours…and hours…on end

  3. My personal favorites too. I’ve got one thing to say, they do this in the movie and I will be on the floor laughing… much as I was for the sparkle scene in the first movie. Honestly I go to see these films for the comedic value… this would be oh so priceless. Same with Bella baby lying in the mud for hours in her little rain coat. This is going to be SO amusing… plus I get to look at Taylor Laughtner for 2 hours… not a bad deal.

    • Hahaha. That’s the only reason I watch the movies, for a nice long laugh. Actually last night I went to the movies to see Sorority Row, and there was a preveiw for Twilight and serveral people in the theater were like on the edges of their seat and I’m pretty sure I heard squeels. Anyways, the entire time I was like saying stuff about how silly and stupid were being and at the one part where Alice was telling Bella Eddie was going to the vatican or whatever to reveal himself and I of coarse I was like, “oh know, Eddie is going to show everyone his sparkly skin under the buttery sunlight….how lame.” of coarse I got a few glares.

      The best part was the cheering at the end of the preveiw and loudly I booed. The only reason i’ll spend my money on the movie is to see Taylor, and finaly he has cut his hair…well actually he took off his horrible wig.

      • Bella’s screams when she wakes up. Hours of fun. Almost killed myself laughing the first time I say this bit in New Spoon.

    • Saw the movie, loved Taylor Lautner, and laughed so hard I almost cried when they DID put the months in the movie.

  4. Maybe they’ll just put in 4 minutes of black screen? That would really make our day. Or, at least give us time to use the restroom. Maybe buy some Sour Patch Kids.

    (And yeah, we’ll have to go see it, too, just to snigger at how terrible it is. And to blog about it, of course.)

  5. Yes I too enjoyed those pages very much, I do recall on a podcast a girl calling it an ‘epic waste of trees’ which made me laugh. 🙂

  6. I was dragged by my girlfriend to see it- I felt so tempted to just go “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” when the camera span to symbolise the four months.”


  7. I think that this lovely quote gives us a good look into how SMeyer’s mind really works…

    “There are those who think Bella is a wuss. There are those who think my stories are misogynistic—the damsel in distress must be rescued by strong hero. (…) Detractors of her reaction don’t always take into account that I’m talking about true love here, rather than high school infatuation.”

    Oh God, someone please kill me.
    Okay, I’m done.
    No, I’m not.

    1. Yes, Meyer. Bella IS a wuss and your stories ARE misogynistic! Learn to take criticism, for God’s sake!

    2. The idea that Edward and Bella have Twu Luv when they act no differently (actually much worse) then any other hormonal high school couple out there is still totally ridiculous.

    3. Apparently Meyer thinks that going catatonic and not socializing for SIX FRIKKIN’ MONTHS is an appropriate reaction when your Twu Luv leaves you. Pair this with her quote on Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy not having Twu Luv because they could live without the other and you’ll see what I’m talking about. This quote just makes me sick. I don’t know what kind of sick, twisted universe Meyer lives in, but she should be dragged out of it and into the real world so she could see that THIS IS NOT HOW THE WORLD WORKS!

    • Perhaps her understanding of “true love” is a bit off. Actually, it has to be. In most societies, Bella and Edward’s relationship would NOT be considered healthy!!

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