Torturous Tidbits

Sometimes, we’ve realized, we run into “Twilight” in places we least expect (and hope) to find it. Some of these references are more surprising than others, so we decided we would highlight our favorites.

A Job Prospect

July 2009

Spider Monkey, having graduated with a (now virtually useless) journalism degree, often frequents the job board at She recently came across a posting for a Features Editor for a small paper in the Olympic Peninsula — in Port Angeles, Washington, to be exact. Our of sheer curiosity, she clicked for more detail, and, sure enough, there was a “Twilight” reference waiting for her.

The Peninsula Daily News, a six-day daily with 18,000 circulation on Washington’s beautiful North Olympic Peninsula, seeks a features editor to produce our two popular tabloid sections focusing on local entertainment and on women’s interests.

Our circulation area includes two counties, five Native American tribes, Port Townsend, Sequim the “Twilight” country of Forks and great small towns, wild rivers and scenic lakes — as well as Port Angeles.

At Work

August 2009

Spider Monkey works at a movie theater part-time right now, and, during the premiere weekend for “The Ugly Truth,” she encountered her very first real-life TwilightMOM!! Said TwilightMOM was rotund, in her forties, wearing this t-shirt, and accompanied by her husband. She was also very rude while ordering her popcorn. Spider Monkey simply glared at the faces of Eddie, Bella and Jacob that stared at her across the concession counter, and made a conscious effort not to say anything rude. She’s willing to bet the TwilightMOM chose to go see “The Ugly Truth” because of the “New Moon” trailer that played before it… Ugh.

At Work (Again)

January 2010

This isn’t a direct “Twilight” reference, but still worth mentioning. Spider Monkey has left the theater/restaurant business for the real world. (She would also like to note how this page has unwittingly chronicled her job search over the past year… creepy.) This so-called “real-world” job takes place at a newspaper, at which she is a copy editor. She also is in charge of designing the page that holds all of the day’s obituaries (no, she doesn’t get to write them, just read them and weep over writing even worse than SMeyer’s). In early January, she looked in the folder on her computer that holds all of the obits to be placed in the paper, and almost peed herself to see an “SMeyer” waiting for her there. If only. But, alas, she’s in the wrong part of the country for that.

4 Responses to “Torturous Tidbits”

  1. […] there’s the Torturous Tidbits section, where we’ll post “Twilight” references that we stumble upon in our […]

  2. I am told around 2-3 times a week- sometimes by random strangers or vague acquaintences- one of the following phrases:
    “You look like Bella from Twilight!”
    “You look like that girl from that vampire film!”
    “You look like Kristen Stewert!”
    This has been going on for over a year. Anti-Twilight sites like this keep me sane. 🙂

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