18. The Hunt

Chapter Synopsis

The “others” emerge, cat-like, from the woods — two males, and one female with blazin’ red hair. It’s obvious that these vamps are nomads, because their clothes look worn, and Big Red has leaves and junk in her hair. Carlizzle, trying to smooth over the situation, introduces everyone, and tells the newcomers that this is the Cullens’ turf. The three introduce themselves in turn — Laurent, James, and Victoria — and ask to join in the game.

Carlizzle instead suggests the nomads come over to the Cullen house to talk (and so that Bella can escape), and also asks that the new blood-suckers stop hunting on the Cullens’ land. Laurent is very interested in the Cullens and the fact that they “live” in Forks, and is about to take Carlizzle up on the offer. Unfortunately for Bella, a light breeze then decides to blow through the field, and James, catching a whiff of her deliciousness, crouches, ready to pounce.

Edward is immediately on the defensive, snarling and growling. Laurent becomes even more interested in the Cullens when he discovers that they are chillin’ with a human that they don’t plan to eat, and accepts Carlizzle’s invitation. Edward, Alice, and Emmett take the opportunity to get Bella the hell out of there.

Edward tells Bella that he’s got to hide her, because James (who’s a big, bad Tracker) will be on the hunt now. Bella (naturally) starts freaking out — she’s worried about Charlie, and about the rest of the Cullens, and she argues with Edward and his plan.

In the end, Alice sides with Bella, and Bella is allowed to return home to grab her things and tell Charlie that she’s leaving. They hope that by making the Tracker believe that Bella is leaving Forks, Charlie will be safe. It’s decided that Alice and Jasper will accompany Bella to Phoenix, while Edward and Emmett will try to lead James away from Forks. But, first, Bella has to hurt Charlie.

Best Worst Lines

“‘You brought a snack?’ he asked, his expression incredulous as he took an involuntary step forward.” (379)

Things That Really Irk Us

That it took roughly 380 pages for us to get to the actual plot of the story.

Despite the fact that James is all, “I’m gonna track and eat this Bella chick whether you like it or not,” Carlisle still invites them over to the Cullen house to chat. And Laurent accepts. Isn’t this a bit odd?

When Bella realizes James is out to eat her, the only thing she seems really concerned about is what will happen to the Cullens if she just disappears without talking to Charlie. There’s lots of mention about the FBI becoming involved. A little dramatic, Bella, no?

The whole reversed psychology plan that Bella cooks up — she’s going to let slip that she’s going to Phoenix, but James will think that’s a rouse, and will follow Edward instead, because of course she wouldn’t REALLY go where she says she’s going. And she certainly won’t go without dear Eddie. But she really will go to Phoenix. … Will we be surprised when James catches on to this? No. Not really.

Also, when Bella is suggesting this plan, Emmett is all, “Dude! That’s such a great idea. You’re awesome, Bella.” Emmett, you’re giving this girl way too much credit…

Final Thoughts

We kind of wish the Cullens would just let Bella do what she wants — which is to let James catch her. Because then this story would be over. Or, maybe Edward could just grow a pair and eat Bella himself. Go on, Ed, we know you want to.

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3 Responses to “18. The Hunt”

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  2. Victoria is either a nomad or has terribly hygene… either one works.

    I hate Bella so much… SO MUCH!

  3. I have to say I like James because he is one of the few that appear in the book that actually has the guts to kill Bella already. Edward could learn a few things from him.

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