24. Vote

Chapter Synopsis

The chapter opens with Bella and Eddie-kins in Bella’s room, just before he throws her onto his back and begins the run to the Cullen house. It feels natural to Bella to be tousled about in such a way, and she loves the feeling of being on his back… again… and somehow the discussion turns to Bella trusting Ed again. He assures her he will do anything and everything to gain that trust back, and she assures him she already trusts him. Then they fight about whether or not she does for a bit (we know, it confused us too).

Bella then asks if, since they are once again an item, she can have all the stuff back that he took. Eddie-kins informs her that it has been there all along — he was not so cruel as to actually erase himself from her life! The CDs, photos and other memorabilia were under her floorboards the whole time! Bella is AMAZED and thinks her subconscious knew it because of the voices. ‘Voices?’ Eddie-kins asks, and Bella confirms his disbelief, admitting that it was “pretty pathetic.” (We agree.) 

She explains how she was able to trigger the voices, and before Ed can interrupt her, Bella “shushes” him, coming to an epiphany herself — one that only she can understand. (Seriously, it makes absolutely no sense. SMeyer tries to explain how Bella came to understand that she and Edward would be together forever, but it’s very random and nonsensical, like most of the book.) What was her epiphany? Edward LOVES her… so she was hearing Edward’s voice when she put herself in danger… after Ed left her alone to become all holey like Swiss cheese… (this should make sense to any hot-blooded female. It screams “I love you!”). Edward admits to Bella that she did a better job at surviving their separation than he did. He became completely useless to his family and “more or less curled into a ball and let misery have me.”

The two finally get to the house, which looks just as Bella remembered it.  There’s a “family meeting” in the dining room, which Bella notes has never been used. Esme, Carlizzle, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Edward are all there to listen to Bella’s case. Bella begins by establishing that everyone is on the same page — that the entire family is aware of what went on in Italy.

She explains that Alice promised the Volturi that Bella would be changed into a vampire. She explains that she needs to know whether or not the Cullens want her, and, since she wants to become a vampire and Edward doesn’t want her to, she is going to put it up to a vote.  If they don’t want her, she is going to go to Italy by herself to let the Volturi have her so that she doesn’t put the family in danger. How thoughtful.

Edward chimes in before the vote, adding that the Volturi’s star tracker, Demetri, has a fault: He tracks by ‘mental flavor,’ and because Bella is immune to everyone’s powers, Demetri probably won’t be able to track her. Therefore, there is no reason to worry. If the Volturi come to find the Cullens to discover where Bella is, Alice will see it and then they can hide her. GENIUS!! Emmett then reaches across the table and fist-pounds Eddie-kins. Amazingly, nobody flies across the room.

The Cullens, with the exception of Bella’s dearly beloved and Rosalie, are absolutely THRILLED about adding her to their brood. Eddie-kins leaves to have a hissy fit in the next room, and Bella reminds Alice of her promise. Alice admits she isn’t ready to change Bella just then, but Carlizzle is in the bullpen at the ready. But, Edward points out, Papa Bear Claude would be there within a few hours if Bella goes missing, and then they would all be in a tight spot. Bella thinks of the hurt that she will cause Claude, Renee and Jacob, and mulls it over a bit more until everyone decides she should stay human until after high school, when she moves out of her father’s house.

Ed takes Bella back home and asks her what she wants that she doesn’t already have, plotting against Bella some more. She admits she would rather Eddie-kins change her than her future father, Carlizzle. Edward agrees, but on one condition — Bella has to marry him first. (Commence the “OMG, that’s SO romantic! He’ll only suck your blood AFTER you’re married. OMG! He just PROPOSED to you!!!”) Bella, however, is scared of committing because she knows how her mother feels about marriage before 30. Bella decides on Carlizzle changing her after graduation, and Edward asks if it’s a “no” because he doesn’t have a ring. Would she have married him then? She yells and wakes Claude up whilst Ed hides in her closet.

Claude tries to punish Bella, asking why he shouldn’t ship her off to Jacksonville after her three-day disappearance. Bella explains the ‘suicide’ scenario to Claude (minus the vampire stuff) and Claude tells her she must stay away from Edward. Bella, in all her teen-angst glory, says she will move out so that she can be with him. After a little father-daughter tiff and an agreement to ‘think about’ accepting Edward back into Bella’s life because the two are a ‘package deal’ now, Claude storms off.

Meanwhile, Bella and Edward smooch and the story, finally and painfully, ends.

Best Worst Lines

“HE WAS NOT PLEASED, THAT MUCH WAS EASY TO READ in his face. But, without further argument, he took me in his arms and sprang lithely from my window, landing without the slightest jolt, like a cat. It was a little bit farther down than I’d imagined.”

“He helped me onto his back, and took off running. Even after all this time, it felt routine. Easy. Evidently this was something you never forgot, like riding a bicycle.”   (Since when does she like this feeling??)

“‘Your hold is permanent and unbreakable,’ he whispered. ‘Never doubt that.'” (524)

“Option three: Edward loved me. The bond forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time. And no matter how much more special or beautiful or brilliant or perfect than me he might be, he was as irreversibly altered as I was. As I would always belong to him, so would he always be mine.” (527)

“Compared to the fear that he didn’t want me, this hurdle — my soul — seemed almost insignificant.”

“Emmett laughed, and reached across the table toward his brother, extending a fist.

‘Excellent plan, my brother,’ he said with enthusiasm.

Edward stretched out his arm to smack Emmett’s fist with his own.”

“I was a danger magnet; I’d accepted that about myself.”

Things That Really Irk Us

That Bella is really hell-bent on becoming a vampire — soul be damned or not.

The fist bump. WTFuck? Did that really happen?

What was the point in Alice telling Bella, throughout the last two books, that she would be the one to turn her if Edward didn’t when she was well aware of the fact that she doesn’t have that sort of restraint? Slight build in the “plot” then KABOOM — it all comes crashing down. BOTHERED.

All of a sudden, Rosalie is okay with Bella. We were quite thrilled with the fact that at least one of the Cullen brood didn’t LOVE her.

That SMeyer has made it more than obvious, before the end of the chapter, that Bella is meant to be a vampire — that it’s DESTINY. Why? Because she has some special aura about her that allows her to counteract vampire-powers… and she’s cold… and pasty.

Was that really a legitimate marriage proposal? Dump his ass!

Final Thoughts

Almost over. Almost over. Almost over.

Go to the Epilogue.

6 Responses to “24. Vote”

  1. The family meeting is SO Growing Up Cullen it’s almost hilarous and the fist pump!? Seriously… GUC had is RIGHT ON! Haha!

    Seriously guys, calling Charlie Claude is the funniest thing ever. I don’t know why but Charlie is so NOT a Claude and that makes it super funny!

    What a corn ball ending.

  2. Rosalie was my favourite character… then she started to like Bella…

  3. “What was the point in Alice telling Bella, throughout the last two books, that she would be the one to turn her if Edward didn’t when she was well aware of the fact that she doesn’t have that sort of restraint?”

    She secretly wants Bella to die. Or maybe Rosalie channeled her evilness and sensibility into Alice’s body.

    • Why would Alice want Bella to die? She’s so obviously in love her. No, she probably just wanted to bite Bella. Because in actual vampire mythology, bites are of a sexual nature. Which is probably why all the Cullens are so tied to Carlizzle and why Bella wants Eddi-kins to be the one to bite her.

      And I wonder, is it just me, or is the sexual tension going on between Alice and Bella is so much stronger than the one between Bella and Edward?

  4. Bella’s ‘epiphany’ was pretty much exactly what Edward had been trying to tell her (incessantly) for the past two or three chapters. Why is she so stupid? Why are they both so annoying? WHY?!!

    • Because they can be and get away with it because the tweenies and twi-moms eat this shit up??

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