Sinking Our Teeth In

In Celebration!

A few weeks ago, as “Dazzle Me This” was swiftly approaching 10,000 page views, we vowed that we would celebrate the happy occasion. Perhaps by baking a cake. But 10,000 page views came and went, and we just were never in the same place long enough to embark upon a baking adventure together. So, we’re a little late. But, when it comes to fluffy chocolate-y goodness, it’s always better late than never.

We decided we’d celebrate 10,000 (now over 12,500) page views and our wonderful readers in style — with a Devil’s Food Cake with raspberry filling and fun quote frosting.

But this cake knew it was going to be a mockery…

While the image gallery below doesn’t show it, this anti-Twilight cake was anything but cooperative. First off, we planned to use strawberries in the center. But we couldn’t find fresh strawberries, and strawberry pie filling wasn’t going to cut it. So we decided to substitute raspberries. Then the cakes overflowed in the oven and set off all the smoke alarms in the house, causing panic for a few minutes. Thennn we didn’t have enough heavy cream, and the filling wasn’t fluffing up enough so we had to improvise and use a pudding filling instead. And, of course, the layers pretty much fell apart when we went to take them out of the pans. Silly cakes. Frosting the cakes at the end was an adventure in and of itself, too. It required knives, spatulas, and a couple of fingers to keep the frosting from tearing the fragile cake apart. We finally gave up and moved on to the decorating. It was always destined to be a very “speshul” cake anyway.

We decided to have fun with the decorations. We found an appropriate quote (from Chapter 24 of “Twilight”): “Don’t I taste as good as I smell?” … “Even better…”  Are you amused? We thought it quite witty.

Lastly, we topped our cake off with sugar bats and moons that we stumbled upon in Wal-mart. And a few icing doodles of our own that didn’t turn out too well, but made us laugh anyway. (The one was always MEANT to look like a cactus… we swear…)

In the end, however, despite everything, the cake tasted amazing.

We documented this baking adventure for you, so enjoy!

10 Responses to “Sinking Our Teeth In”

  1. […] Sink your teeth in, too. […]

  2. Congratulations on being so awesome! I love this site and I can’t wait for Eclipse to start. You guys are a hilarious dose of sanity in the madness that is Twilight.

  3. I’m crazy excited for you guys to start Eclipse since I have NO idea what goes one… and apparently nobody else does either. I’m beginning to think that there is a good reason for that……..

    Congrats on your visits! You guys are so awesome and everything is just so hilarious! Reading chapter reviews has brightened a few dreary afternoons! Keep it up and we’ll keep reading!

  4. Am I the only one noticing that the cake flour you used is called Swans Down? (Think about it.) Maybe it was a sign.

    Seriously, though, nice work. You people are amazing.

    • Wow, you know what Lexi? We totally didn’t even notice that! Good eye! Haha, maybe it was indeed a sign. We cooked Bella into our vampire cake. Bahahaha.

      • Haha if you did I hope you didn’t eat it she might stick her whiny bitchness on you lol.

  5. That yellow thing the cake is sitting on, I own the exact same cake… thing… storage… unit. Lol.

    Wonderful confectionery masterpiece, guys.

  6. Wondeful cake! Funny!

  7. I WANT SOME!!!! 🙂

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