2.Open Book

Chapter Synopsis

Edward has gone missing, and our jock (Mike)  and nerd with the skin problem (Eric) are fighting for Bella’s attention. Bella, of course, is too good for them and their petty, high-schooler feelings. She prods her father for information about the Cullen family, and Edward is absent the rest of the week (not due to illness).

It snows in Forks on Monday, and Edward finally returns to the cafeteria, in an apparently good mood. A mild stare-fest continues until Biology, where Edward formally introduces himself to Bella and double-checks their lab work. Somehow this is sexy? There is much silly banter and “get to know you chatter” that’s not really worth mentioning.

Best Worst Line

“The next day was better… and worse.” (29)

“I made the Cowardly Lion look like the terminator.” (30)

Things That Really Irk Us

We understand that snow is wet, but you do not need to keep referring to it as “mush balls.” Seriously.

Meyer uses “dazzling” for the first time to describe Edward on page 43. Another trend that haunts us throughout the remainder of the book.

It also bothers us that Stephenie Meyer must describe the exact make, model, and color of every vehicle in the book… just not Bella’s old-ass truck.

Final Thoughts

The content of these first two chapters leads us to believe that there cannot be much substance to this book. As you can see, we have summed up about fifty pages in two pages. (Minus the terrible writing, horrible dialogue, lack of characterization and everything else you learn in your 101 English Composition classes.)

Thus far, if we could workshop Meyer’s book, we would have scarpped about 35 pages. At least. No, let’s amend that — we would have told her to try her hand at something else. Namely, anything that’s not writing.

Go to Chapter Three.

8 Responses to “2.Open Book”

  1. LOL! I’m loving this blog more and more!

    “- terrible writing, horrible dialogue, lack of characterization and everything else you learn in your 101 English Composition classes”

  2. this site is making my day! =)if i could ask smeyer one thing it would be this —> if Bella is so unattractive then why is everyone crushing on her? this books totally makes complete nonsense!

  3. Since I couldn’t make it past chapter one of the first book, I am finding your synopses very useful.

  4. i make the cowardly lion look like the terminator….uuuuuuuu…..the pain….if i had a nickel for every instance of the abuse of simile in these books…

  5. You rule :).

  6. Hah, so true i love this site, check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mRpu0gJyQo
    it’s like she’s reading my mind

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