10. The Meadow

Chapter Synopsis

Version One: “Jacob didn’t call. Jacob still didn’t call. Oh em gee, I like totally think Jacob is avoiding me! Billy won’t answer the phone. Why won’t Jacob call me?”

Version Two: Bella is very upset because time has passed, and Jacob hasn’t called her. She begins getting worried, especially when her calls to the Black house go unanswered. She drives out there one day — invitation be damned — only to find it empty. Charlie eventually makes some calls, and finally gets through to Billy. Billy claims Jacob has mono, and says he can’t have any visitors. But Bella’s not buying it. She does some more fancy research on the interwebs, and decides none of Jacob’s symptoms match up with those of mono. But, if he does have it, she’s devastated to know that it could last for a month. How can she live without him for a whole month??

Bella gives him a week, and then finally calls. Billy tells Bella that Jake’s feeling better, but that he’s currently out with friends to see a movie in Port Angeles. Bella, of course, feels betrayed. Charlie is worried about leaving Bella on her own, but she promises she’ll keep busy — perhaps call Jessica up. Which of course is a lie.

Instead, Bella decides to spend the lonely day searching for the meadow on her own, despite Charlie’s warnings about the giant bear. Bella takes the grid map and compass, and sets off into the forest. And, lo and behold, she stumbles upon the meadow. It’s just as perfect as she remembers it being. But it hurts. A lot. So much that she curls up on the ground, gasping, and trying to cover that gaping hole again (maybe she should have it looked at?). She’s glad then that she’s alone, and that Jacob isn’t here to see her like this.

But then, she’s not alone. A figure steps gracefully into the meadow. But it isn’t Edward. It’s Laurent. Bella is somehow glad to see him, even though she admits she should be afraid. There’s some banter between the two, with Bella being much more enthused than necessary. But then Bella realizes that Laurent looks too much the same as the last time she saw him — right down to the hungry red eyes. Then she realizes that she should be afraid.

Laurent starts asking about the Cullens. He seems to know they’ve left Forks and Bella behind. Edward’s angel voice is once again in Bella’s head, and he tells her to lie. She tries to make it sound like Edward and the rest of the Cullens come back to Forks frequently, to try and dissuade Laurent from eating her. But Laurent isn’t playing that game, and informs Bella that he’s back in Forks scoping her out for Victoria, who is still pretty pissed about James being killed. Victoria blames Edward, and is out for revenge on Bella — a mate for a mate. Laurent feels bad that Victoria won’t get to play her game with Bella, because he’s going to eat her first. She’s just so “mouthwatering.” Bella is yelling to Edward in her head, telling him she loves him. Gag.

But just before Laurent pounces, he senses something else coming through the trees. Bella sees it, too — it’s black and massive. The Bear! Edward warns her not to move. But Bella realizes it isn’t a bear at all; it’s a wolf, and it’s accompanied by four other smaller (yet still very large) wolves. They form a flying V and stalk toward Laurent, pretty much ignoring Bella. One of the smaller wolves looks at Bella as it passes, and Bella thinks of Jacob. (SMeyer, you are sooo subtle it kills us.) Laurent runs away from the wolves, and they chase after him.

Bella books it in the opposite direction, falling down a lot. She finally finds her was out of the forest and back to her truck. It’s late when she gets home, and Charlie’s been worried. Bella has to admit that she was out hiking, and tells Charlie about the wolves. He’s just glad she’s okay. (Why won’t you ever get pissed, Charlie??) Bella is worried about the wolves coming for her, but figures locking the doors will be sufficient, since wolves lack thumbs.

Charlie asks about Jacob, telling Bella he saw the younger boy in town. Bella is a bit miffed, but decides he must have been waiting on friends to go to the movie. She goes upstairs, curls up in bed, and starts worrying about things. She worries about Victoria coming to find her, and the wolves, who surely must be badass if they could scare away a vampire. She falls asleep thinking of Edward and his pasty face and trying not to scream. Hmm. We wonder if these are related?

Best Worst Lines

“A week was long. By Wednesday, I was sure I wasn’t going to live till Saturday.”

“The dreams got hard again.”

“I was lonely, worried, bored… perforated — and now also desolate as I realized that the week apart had not had the same effect on him.”   (Perforated? Really? Can we rip her in a very neat, straight line?)

“I was so busy looking busy that the ferociously empty day ahead didn’t really crash down on me until after I’d watched him drive away.”

“The forest was full of life today, all the little creatures enjoying the momentary dryness.”

“Breathing started to get more difficult — not because of exertion, but because I was having trouble with the stupid hole in my chest again.”

“I was getting better at this bushwhacking thing; I could tell I was faster.”

“I’d never seen another clearing so symmetrical.”   (Yes, that would be our first observation, too.)

“The disappointment was nearly as instantaneous as the recognition. I sank down right where I was, kneeling there at the edge of the clearing, beginning to gasp.

What was the point of going any farther? Nothing lingered here. Nothing more than the memories that I could have called back whenever I wanted to, if I was ever willing to endure the corresponding pain — the pain that had me now, had me cold. There was nothing special about this place without him. I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d hoped to feel here, but the meadow was empty of atmosphere, empty of everything, just like everywhere else. Just like my nightmares. My head swirled dizzily.

At least I’d come alone. I felt a rush of thankfulness as I realized that. If I’d discovered the meadow with Jacob… well, there was no way I could have disguised the abyss I was plunging into now. How could I have explained the way I was fracturing into pieces, the way I had to curl into a ball to keep the empty hole from tearing me apart? It was so much better that I didn’t have an audience.

And I wouldn’t have to explain to anyone why I was in such a hurry to leave, either. Jacob would have assumed, after going to so much trouble to locate the stupid place, I would want to spend more than a few seconds here. But I was already trying to find the strength to get to my feet again, forcing myself out of the ball so that I could escape. There was too much pain in this empty place to bear — I would crawl away if I had to.

How lucky that I was alone!” (234-235)

“‘Laurent!’ I cried in surprised pleasure. It was an irrational response. I probably should have stopped at fear.”

“Yes, fear would have made more sense, but all I felt was an overwhelming satisfaction. The meadow was a magic place again. A darker magic than I’d expected, to be sure, but magic all the same. Here was the connection I’d sought. The proof, however remote, that — somewhere in the same world where I lived — he did exist.” (236)

“It was ridiculous that I should be so elated because a vampire knew my name.” (236)   (For once, we agree with you, Bella.)

“His face was the most beautiful face I’d seen in what felt like an eternity. I studied his features with a strangely greedy sense of release.”   (Gross.)

“The motorcycle was safe as kittens next to this.” (238)   (Yes, but have you seen the claws on some kittens??)

“He looked back at me and smiled — the expression made him look like a black-haired angel.”   (Vampy is about the eat her, and she’s comparing him to an angel. Seriously.)

“I stared at the monstrous creature, my mind boggling as I tried to put a name to it.”   (Can a mind boggle on its own?)

“Before I could even react, two more wolves followed, lined up in a V, like geese flying south.”   (Flying V!!!!) 

“‘Tell me what happened.’

‘They didn’t pay any attention to me. But aftet they were gone, I ran away and I fell down a lot.'”

“I assumed the handle alone would stymie the wolves, not having opposable thumbs.”

Things That Really Irk Us

Bella describes Laurent as “pallid.” … Isn’t Laurent black? I don’t think they can be pasty, SMeyer.

Bella says she loves Jacob. But not that way. But, oh wait, she hasn’t seen him for a week and is ready to slit her wrists. Ugh. Make up your mind, you dumb girl.

The whole “I’m so depressed to be here that I’m going to lie down on the ground and curl into the fetal position and whine about my life” part. We’re over it, Bella. Why can’t you be, too?

Bella being all excited to see Laurent. Has she forgotten that he was buddy-buddy with the vampire that hunted her?

Final Thoughts

We really hope that Victoria comes back to do those nasty things to Bella. And that Bella’s opposable thumbs offer her no advantage. We also hope that this will convince Bella to finally be afraid of vampires.

Go to Chapter 11.

13 Responses to “10. The Meadow”

  1. Your comments about the quotes this time around were exceptionally hilarious. My favorite being, “Can we rip her into a neat and very straight line?” Haha. Very amusing.

    Meyer has all the subtlty of a dead rat… which makes no sense… but it’s all I can come up with at this late hour.

  2. -sniggers- “The dreams got hard again.” thats what she said! XD im sorry but this book is just full of them, man she really should ahve thought about some of her sentences

  3. Ah, yes the pale black man.

  4. “Bella is worried about the wolves coming for her, but figures locking the doors will be sufficient, since wolves lack thumbs.”

    At first I though it was a joke. But writing this for real? Seriously?
    I have no idea how you two still manage to read this. It´s amazing!

  5. An empty hole? Aren’t all holes empty? ISN’T THAT THE POINT OF A HOLE?!?

  6. Like the first version 😀 I just lol’d at that…b^_^d

  7. The description of Laurent in the first Twilight book is, “the most beautiful, his skin olive-toned beneath the typical pallor, his hair a glossy black. He was of medium build, hard-muscled, of course, but nothing next to Emmett’s brawn. He smiled an easy smile, exposing a flash of gleaming white teeth.”
    I, too, scoffed at the description in New Moon, since I kept picturing movie!Laurent, but for once, SMeyer was being relatively consistent, although I feel like Laurent should’ve been black ‘cuz it would’ve been something different to the monotonous, all vampires are beautiful, boo hoo, I’m Bella and I’m ugleh.
    I’m really enjoying this and am reading through the series right now and love to read these little comments as I do.

    • Glad we can provide a supplemental dose of funny as you read the books!

    • Wow. I had just about forgotten that Laurent wasn’t black in the books. It just made so much sense (compared to the rest of the series) in my head for him to be black. But that’s right. He really is more Italian sounding with his olive-toned pallor.

  8. Didn’t alice kill james? Edward did nothing!

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