11. Complications

Chapter Synopsis

After walking into Bio side-by-side (all eyes on them, by the way), Edward and Bella settle down for an nice educational film, getting closer than they ever have before. There are lots of mentions of electric currents and wobbly legs associated with this closeness. Apparently educational biology films really turn these two on? Bella wants to reach out and touch Edward’s face in the dark, and goes to gym with jelly legs — certainly helping out her clumsy cause.

Mike questions Bella about her status with Edward during gym class — apparently, she hasn’t updated her Facebook page recently enough. Edward drives Bella home, and they talk more about his hunting habits. Their plans are still on for Seattle, P.S.

That night, Edward “stars” in Bella’s dreams again. And he stars in her real life the next day, when he drives her to school, asks her more boring questions over lunch, and drives her home, where they sit in Charlie’s driveway for hours — all the way until twilight, in fact.

But then Edward has to run, because the complication is comin’ ’round the corner — in the shape of Billy and Jacob Black. Apparently Billy is also onto Eddy’s blood-sucking ways…

Best Worst Lines

“A crazy impulse to reach over and touch him, to stroke his perfect face just once in the darkness, nearly overwhelmed me. I crossed my arms tightly across my chest, my hands balling into fists. I was losing my mind.” (219)     (… Really? Really.)

“Despite being handicapped by me, Mike was pretty good…” (221)

“Flickers of the electricity I’d felt this afternoon began to charge the atmosphere as he gazed unrelentingly into my eyes.” (225)

“When I woke, I was still tired, but edgy as well. I pulled on my brown turtleneck and the inescapable jeans, sighing as I daydreamed of spaghetti straps and shorts.” (226)   (We want to know — how are jeans inescapable? Are they stalking her, too?)

Things That Really Irk Us

The mention of so many electric currents running between Edward and Bella has forever ruined e.e. cummings for us.

It’s nothing but Edward and Bella having repetitive, mundane conversation, and going through the same motions everyday. Do we really need to be told what Bella puts on every morning, or that she takes a shower, or that she continues to hate gym class? No. No we do not.

What’s up with the whole “I really want to stroke your face in the dark of biology”? It’s just creepy.

Final Thoughts

*Heavy sigh.*

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9 Responses to “11. Complications”

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  2. The whole inescapable jeans comment still has me laughing. Maybe she used too much fabric softener and they now cling to her… I don’t know…

    Bella reminds me so much of this friend I used to have… it sickens me really.

  3. I was losing my mind.

    What a coincidence, at this point in the story, I was too!

  4. I can’t say I hate to break it to you, but Bella you lost your mind a long time ago

  5. inescapable jeans, inescapable boyfriend, inescapable idiocy.

  6. OMG he’s just so perfect you know! She just you know, like, really, loves him and his perfect face and oops never mind he’s a walking dead guy who drinks blood ha ha
    w-o-w 😉

  7. *i want to stroke your face in the dark of biology.*
    instant fan! 😀

  8. I actully love classical music. I loved it long before smeyer’s piece of crap came out.

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