14. Declaration

Chapter Synopsis

Despite the information about armies of newborn vampires, Alice insists the graduation bash is still on. Bella tries to talk Alice out of this, but Alice insists that, as long as they’re stuck waiting, they may as well celebrate the good things in their lives (or, non-lives, in the case of the Cullens).

Meanwhile, some things need to be taken care of regarding the baby vamps — Jasper says they’re going to need help, so the Cullens are trying to get in contact with old friends — preferably ones who owe them favors, we’re guessing. This worries Bella, because it will mean bringing non-veggiepires to Forks. Edward assures her everything will be fine. Jasper will give them some training on killing newborns, and they’ll take on Seattle in about a week.

Bella detests this plan, and has a bright idea — what if they change her now so she can be bone-crushingly strong too? Alice shoots this idea down immediately, explaining that Bella wouldn’t be helpful at all as a newborn herself. She’d be strong, yes, but uncontrollable; an easy target (change her! change her!).

Bella learns that Renee was planning on surprising her at the graduation bash, but she changed her mind about coming when Phil hurt himself. Bella is relieved by this — at least her mom won’t be at risk in Forks. Edward tells Bella she’s being a silly worrywart. Bella calls her mom to catch up, and Edward plays with her hair and makes googly eyes at her while she’s on the phone.

When Bella gets off the phone, Edward tells her that he’s going hunting the next day (not because he’s hungry, but because being full of blood makes vampires stronger, and the Cullens will need to be strong to take on the newbies). Again, Bella is unhappy — she’s only got half a day of finals, and the idea of spending the other half of the day with Emmett and Jasper while Edward hunts does not appeal to her. She suggests, instead, a visit to La Push, and Edward gives her the go-ahead.

In another very abrupt transition, it’s suddenly the next day after two of Bella’s finals. Edward drops her off at the boundary line again, and Jacob is apparently “yelling” something in his mind. This bothers Edward. Jacob seems very haggard, and tells Bella that he’s feeling especially tired. They head back to Jacob’s house, which is empty because Billy is over at the Clearwater’s. Jacob explains that Sam’s been running the pack ragged, and Jacob’s been running double shifts thanks to Bella’s “visitor.” Jacob is reminded that Bella will be graduating soon, and asks her if she has any “special” plans. She tells him no — just the party (which of course he’s invited to, because that’s a brilliant idea, having werewolves and vampires together in a glass house).

Jacob then falls asleep, and Bella sits with him, rambling in her mind unnecessarily about inconsequential things. (We really should stop being so surprised when this happens.) She begins thinking about being changed into a vampire again, and realizes that she agrees with Edward — she’s not quite ready yet. Plus, she’s still giddy about the idea of her Eddie-kins being the one to do the honors. (There’s a great line about this, if you keep reading into the next section.) But Bella’s still not so jazzed about the whole marriage idea.

She’s brooding over this when Jacob shifts and throws an arm across her. He’s (“holy crow!”) so hot that Bella starts feeling uncomfortable, and she wakes him up trying to move him. Jacob feels bad about falling asleep, and insists they go for a walk or something. He’s upset with himself for wasting time, because he wanted to talk to Bella. Bella is suddenly reminded of the yelling Jacob was doing earlier in his head, and gets nervous.

Jacob begins pacing. He’s frazzled. He finally stops and tells Bella that he loves her.

 Best Worst Lines

“I stared at her, my eyes so wide with disbelief it felt like they might fall out and land on my lunch tray.”

“Sure, I thought to myself. Trust him. He wasn’t the one who was going to have to sit behind and wonder whether or not the core of his existence was going to come home.” (312)

“It was probably superficial to notice such things while I had so many more important things to think about, but his smile still knocked the breath out of me. He was so beautiful that it made it hard sometimes to think about anything else, hard to concentrate on Phil’s troubles or Renée’s apologies or hostile vampire armies. I was only human.” (315)   (You are only stupid.)

“It was childish, but I liked the idea that his lips would be the last good thing I would feel. Even more embarrassingly, something I would never say aloud, I wanted his venom to poison my system. It would make me belong to him in a tangible, quantifiable way.”   (*Snigger.* She’s wants his venom…)

Things That Really Irk Us

Bella is still dumb. And we really need her to stop using the exclamation “Holy crow!”

Jacob professing his love. Ugh, Jacob. Bella is not worth your time, and definitely not worth your affection. She’s angsty and selfish and gross.

Final Thoughts

Can this just be over yet? Seriously. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK.

Go to Chapter 15.

7 Responses to “14. Declaration”

  1. Yay updates!

    “I stared at her, my eyes so wide with disbelief it felt like they might fall out and land on my lunch tray.”

    I lol’d – it was kind of funny. xD

    Although I bet she was completely serious, so like… its now unfunny. >>.

  2. I am amused as usual I must admit. This chapter is RIDICULOUS! What’s the point? Seriously? It makes no sence. Bella really is dumb… the line about eyes falling into a lunch tray is gross… seriously.

  3. I don’t remember reading this chapter AT ALL. It wasn’t really memorable I guess.

  4. This is Bella “I don’t care about you Phil! Not about you either Renee! All I care about is Edward’s lopsided smile! *drools* EDWARD I WANTZ UR VENOM-NOM-NOM”

  5. if bella’s eyes fell out, nobody would love her anymore, as love in these books is entirely based on appearance. if she lost all her love interests, serves her right.

    reminds me of a fray lyric “heaven forbid you end up alone and don’t know why”

    although, actually, i am sorta ok with bella and edward’s relationship. cause they are both such angsty so-and-sos, ya know. they totally deserve each other. the only thing i hate is their love being idealized in preteen minds everywhere

  6. Bella:”I want to be a vampy like you Ed!I never ever want to be a way from you, not even for half a day! Turn me, so we may never part!!!”
    Edward: “yes, I too simply can’t conceive the rest of my sparkltude with out being able to stalk you! After turning you, we shall marry, never to have our love severed!”
    Bella: “WOAH! WOOOOOOAH! woah! Ed, marriage? don’t you think thats a bit to serious? Look, just damn my soul so I can never die unless I am harshly ripped limb from limb and set on fire, but all the while live a life in constant impending DOOM whether from the Volt- wtf group from Italy or other vampires that not friendly!!!”
    Edward: “…..you really are a stupid lamb. God, why am I such a [place any word here, go a head! It doesn’t need to make sense or anything… you can even put LAMP!]”

  7. My first thought after reading the last sentence in this chapter was “interesting. WHY?” Come to think of it, why is Eddie so into her?

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