For Further Reading

Under this section, a few things will fall.

First and foremost, we’ll be posting links to sites we are proud to affiliate ourselves with. 

Then there are the (anti) sites, blogs, parodies, videos, etc. that we find amusing. We’re not necessarily affiliated with these, but we whole-heartedly support them, and would encourage you to check them out and have a chuckle.

Lastly (and perhaps our favorite), will be those sites that are so disturbing that we just can’t ignore them. We in no way endorse these, but they’re so horribly hilarious that we feel the need to point them out anyway.

And we’ve also got a couple of random things we’ve written that fall into the anti-Twilight category that you might be interested in:
Edward Doesn’t Dazzle Us
A Blast From the Past

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  1. […] lastly, we’ve started to build our links section. This will include sites we’re affiliated with, sites that amuse us, and sites that […]

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