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Can’t get enough of our gloriously witty blog? Well here are a few more sites/blogs/videos that may interest you. We, at least, find them amusing.

Twilight! – A Parody Summary

This blog is really amusing. The author started out doing what we’re doing, but decided at some point that, instead of taking the effort to summarize each chapter, it would be easier (and much funnier) to simply parody the whole book. The result is a quick, hilarious read.


This is probably one of the most intense anti/parody sites we’ve stumbled upon thus far. The authors remind us of ourselves a little bit, albeit quite a few years younger. We give you credit, girls. While the site has a blog attached to it, the real meat comes in the form of parodies of all the books. Definitely worth browsing if you’re in for a hearty chuckle.

Why I Hate Twilight

This blog post (from an intelligent, fellow WordPress blogger, we might add) says a lot of the things we haven’t gotten around to saying yet. It’s a funny, yet serious review of the (first) book and the whole “Twilight” phenomenon in general, and we couldn’t agree with it more.

RPattz disses SMeyer

This is from a while back, but it’s a clip from an interview (along with some snarky commentary that makes us giggle) in which Pattinson basically calls Meyer sick, and says she’s in love with her own fictional character. It makes us hate him a little less. A little.

Funny Anti T-shirts

So, these really aren’t sites or blogs or anything, but we still find the content amusing. We have a whole page devoted to horrible Twilight merchandise, but we’ve also found a few corners of the Internet that still seem to be sane, and selling anti-Twilight apparel. There’s this shop on Zazzle, for one. It’s a UK-based site that sells anti-Twilight shirts. There are the standard, “Real vampires don’t sparkle” shirts, but there are some real gems, as well. Our favorite has to be the “Team Tyler’s Van” option. Hilarious. Then of course there are all the goodies at CafePress. They have a lot of similar stuff to the first site, but also some really different, snarky things. Like the shirt that says “Twilight Schmilight.” Buy us one?

Robert Is Bothered

Last July, right after the release of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” Jimmy Fallon presented a video spoof on his talk show in which “Robert Pattinson” and “Daniel Radcliffe” digitally battled it out over which of them is better than the other. The video was mildly entertaining, and apparently gave Fallon some inspiration. He then launched a new site titled “Robert Is Bothered,” in which a tree-bound Pattinson complains about things. His first subject? Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Other topics that bother Robert? Things like Snickers advertising, Halloween, “New Moon,” Valentine’s Day, himself, and the iPad. Check it out. Giggle a little.  (You can also see the Edward vs. Harry skit at this link.)

YouTube Gems

We like to poke around on YouTube every now and again, and, every once in a while, we stumble upon some Twilight goodies (or are pointed in their direction by others). We’ll share some of the most amusing and in-depth with you all.

Twilight Trailer Parody

It is what it sounds like — a parody of the original trailer for the “Twilight” movie. It’s done by Evil Iguana Productions, and is pretty funny, and pretty popular with over 8 million views. We especially enjoy the “incredibly strong” part at the beginning, and the “you brought a snack” moment about halfway through. Watch to see what we’re talking about.

Twilight High School Musical (a parody)

Another funny parody. The “say it out loud” part at the beginning is snigger-worthy, as are a handful of other moments. “Jacob’s” appearance is great. The music is fun, but actually sung well (the girl playing Bella is pretty much awesome). The cinematography (if you wanna call it that) is even decent. We kind of wish the real “Twilight” movie was more like this. You know, funny with talented people in it. And closing with a choreographed dance number. Yup. Winner.

Twilight — The Musical

This is actually a whole Web site in itself, and a seemingly in-depth project. It’s not finished yet, but the five or six videos (linked from the main page) are pretty amusing. The Edward character is hilarious; we love his hair and the Gollum-like arguments he has with himself in the bathroom mirror. The cameos made by Doll Edward and Cardboard Edward later on are great. But the best part by far is in part 3a, with the blocks. Prepare to laugh until you cry when it takes you off guard. The singing in this is actually decent, too, so that’s a plus. The only thing that’s weird is that Bella is played by two different girls, but we got over it, and so will you.

Alex Reads Twilight

A british guy named Alex decided to see what all the “Twilight” fuss was about. He’s embarked upon a quest quite similar to ours, in which he’s reading the book, chapter by chapter, and summarizing it in a hilarious way. The only difference is, he’s doing his reviews in video form. You can check out Chapter One here, or simply search for “Alex Reads Twilight” on YouTube. We promise, it’s worth it.

The Hillywood Show

We are envious, we’ll admit. The Hillywood show is pretty cool. They’ve gotten famous for their video parodies, including a Dark Knight feature, and a Twilight Parody that we recommend. Sisters Hilly and Hannah star as Bella and Alice, and it’s uncanny how they and the rest of their parody cast look and act like the “Twilight” stars. (The dude who plays Jasper confused us; we thought it was really Jackson Rathbone.) The camera work in their parodies is top-notch, too. They’re currently participating in various Twilight conferences around the country. We basically want to be them — famous for mocking Twilight. Yesssss. Also, they just recently finished up their New Moon Parody. Go check it out. It’s like one big music video that’s — in our opinion — better than the real thing.

This Picture

Bahahaha. This photo really speaks for itself, we think. We don’t remember where we found it, but we knew we had to share it, regardless. After all, there’s nothing like having a Sesame Street character make fun of our least favorite vampire of all time. “One burn on Edward Cullen… ah, ah, ah.” Seriously, just look at the Count — he’s so badass; he could totally take on Eddie-kins. At the very least, he has a way better laugh. And really knows his numbers. We bet he could use his skills to count how many times Edward is a creepy stalker and Bella a whiny bitch. … Come to think of it, that would be a LOT of lightning strikes…


Many of you have expressed your absolute shock when we say we have made it this far in the series without the use of massive amounts of drugs and/or alcohol. (Though many sprinkle cookies have been consumed.) Needless to say, neither can we. Perhaps it’s that we hang on to each chapter hoping that maybe, somewhere along the way, SMeyer was magically given the ability to write. Yet, again and again, we find ourselves disappointed.

Alas, we have discovered the perfect ending to this book and we do believe that this person should be paid gross amounts of money to rewrite Chapter 13 of “Twilight.” (You know, the one in the meadow with all of the delicious buttery sunshine.) It would have ended our pain so much earlier.

Post Title: “Fuck Twilight”

Here’s how u end the Twilight saga in one scene…Bella and Edward
smoke a blunt together. Edward gets the munchies. No more Bella. The

Dear Sir or Madam, we applaud you.

ComicsAlliance’s Twilight Drinking Game

We already shared with you the drinking game for the Twilight movie. But the funny people over at ComicsAlliance have now fashioned a drinking game to go along with reading the book. It’s hilarious (and also surely a death sentence to your liver if you were to actually partake in it), and you should definitely check it out.

Some of our favorites:

“Take a drink whenever…

— Bella does something that sets feminism back by a decade, including (but not limited to) claiming she’s too weak and clumsy to bother trying to fight off rapists, asking permission to think, apologizing for getting attacked by a vampire, and slipping immediately into blind obedience when a guy she’s been on .5 dates with orders her to do things she doesn’t particularly want to do.

Take two drinks when…

— Meyer keeps herself from identifying characters by race, but still manages to work in stereotypes by having them speak like the jive-talking passengers from “Airplane.”

Finish your glass when…

— You hit a chapter that reads like it was lifted verbatim from LiveJournal.”

Fuck Yeah Twilight Sucks

Each day (sometimes multiple times per day, it seems) the good people who run this Tumblr site post a new anti-Twilight related photo, graphic, comic, pie chart, etc. Prepare for plenty of lulz, because the things they find are truly hilarious, and we would re-post all of them here if we could!

Have suggestions for this page? Let us know!

29 Responses to “Just For Laughs”

  1. […] make up for it, though, we added a couple of new links in the Just For Laughs and Too Disturbing to Describe sections for your reading […]

  2. I have a few suggestions for this page:

    A really good song that just about narrows down Twilight. The girl who sings it has a amazing voice and any anti-twi person can agree with her lyrics:

    A music video about Twilight. To give you a general idea what it’s about, the name of the song is “I wanna marry my stalker”:

    A Twilight/Hot N’Cold parody:

    (it’s very well made! The camera work is even better than in the movie!)

  3. Check this out, ladies!

    By the way, thank you for reading this crap so I don’t have to.

  4. Wow you HAVE to see the AMAZON interview with SMeyer. Here’s the link:
    She literally describes her characters as…
    dun dun DUUUNNN
    Her IMAGINARY FRIENDS. Can you believe that? LOL

  5. […] we added a thing or two to both the Just For Laughs page and the Worst Merchandise […]

  6. Do you know Cleolinda Jones? She is a gem. She dissected all Twilight books in a snarky way that reminds me a lot of your work and she also made parodies of the movies (see movies in 15 minutes: Twilight => http://community.livejournal.com/m15m/19551.html, New Moon => http://community.livejournal.com/m15m/21825.html).

    Link to her page: http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/630150.html
    I´m not paid to pimp her, I just love her work (and yours) 😀

  7. The New Moon Parody of the Hillywood Show is up – and it is awesome!

    Made New Moon look good, actually. haha.

  8. Don’t forget the pure win known as TWATLIGHT


    Best Flash Parody EVER

  9. http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight

    I’m linking the following with a warning; while it is done mockingly, it is also the serious overtone of dissecting the books with a (ex-)mormon point of view. So, if you don’t like religion being dragged into the mix, no clickies!

  10. The picture is from icanhazcheeseburger. Hundreds of twilight mockery there. Sites like this keep me sane when the fangirls are telling me why Twilight is great. Thank You.

  11. The Twilight books need to come with warning labels that say, ” WARNING: due to the lack of logic, punctuation, proper grammar, and awkward wording, this book along with it’s sequels should be read with extreme caution. Minds will be stumped, mouths will fill with throw up, hair will be torn from the scalp, and holes will be made in walls. The consequence for reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight will be your mind becoming the equivalent to that of a 12yr old pre-pubescent girl. READ IF YOU DARE!”

  12. […] also added a new link to a series of YouTube videos to the Just For Laughs section (under YouTube gems). In them, a British dude named Alex is reading and summarizing […]

  13. Thankyou SO MUCH for showing me the beauty of Robert is bothered. They are freaking hilarious. Especially love the one where robert displays some horrific acting then admits he is bothered.

  14. Why Twilight is popular:

  15. […] user GracieLou2 is a fan of Alex Reads Twilight (check out our Just For Laughs section for more on him, as we love him, too), but is worried that Alex won’t make it through […]

  16. http://jezebel.com/5571756/jersey-shore-cast-reenacts-twilight

  17. Try: http://community.sparknotes.com/index.php/2009/07/16/blogging-twilight-index-page/

  18. This is the FAQ page for Breaking Dawn on Smeyers website. It is so amazingly bat shit crazy that it is worth a read, though you should be warned – it is really, really REALLY god awful and perfectly showcases her stupidity that we all know and hate so well.


  19. Twilight movie parodies using LOLcat pics:




  20. This is essential reading for anyone anti-Twilight: stoney321 parodies all the books individually, and points out the Mormon propaganda strewn throughout. First anti-Twilight piece I ever read, and one of the funniest:


  21. Bloodsuckers Are Not Sexy:

  22. I recommend looking up the novel “Nightlight,” which is a wonderful parody of Twilight that a caring friend got me for Christmas.

    • Oh, and forgive my double-post, but I do distinctly remember seeing a report of Stephen King dissing Twilight..

      It’s not necessarily funny, but I think you guys might enjoy it regardless~

  23. On the shirts, my favorite was “Jacob Black. I want to La Push you off a cliff.” Hahaha

  24. Anyone heard of this: http://satireknight.wikispaces.com/
    Most of the time she’s pretty funny but other times she’s kinda bitchy.

    • If satireknight herself is reading this I’m sorry. What I meant was that you need to relax and try to have fun with what you’re doing. You just sound really angry in your sporkings. That kind of stuff kind of alienates readers.
      Anyway, I love Harry Potter and Paramore is actually a good band. I’m not dumb at all either! 😛

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