Patience is a virtue.

We know, we know — we’ve been slacking. Work schedules, weddings, and medical emergencies have been getting in the way lately. But we promise we’ll be back to reviewing soon! We now have our digital copies of all the books, and plan to do some serious work in the near future.

To make up for it, though, we added a couple of new links in the Just For Laughs and Too Disturbing to Describe sections for your reading pleasure.

As an aside — we were in Barnes and Noble today, and were pretty apalled by the number of teen vampy romance novels out on the shelves. Ugh. What really sent us over the edge, however, was a book in which a post-“Pride and Prejudice” Mr. Darcy winds up to be a vampire. … Really? Really. This needs to stop.


~ by vampychronicles on August 4, 2009.

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