We do declare… this sucks.

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Chapter 34 (“Declared”) is up today! Read, enjoy (?), and leave us some comments!

Also, don’t forget to vote in our latest poll, and let us know if you’re going to go see “Eclipse” when it comes out later this month.


Chapter 33: Forgery

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Chapter 33 is up today!

In it, we finally find out who the mysterious J. Jenks is. And, as predicted, the whole thing is totally anti-climactic.

Odds and ends. And a new poll!

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Since we’re swiftly approaching the end of May, that also means we’re closing in on one month until “Eclipse” (or, should we say, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”) is unleashed upon poor, unsuspecting theaters. So, like we did with “New Moon” last year, we want to know if you’re going to go see “Eclipse.” Tell us in our new poll!

Opening a new poll means closing an old one. The last thing we asked you was “What bothers you most about the Jacob/Renesmee relationship?” Well, it was an outright tie. 35 percent of you said “Umm, hello. He imprinted on a BABY. Gross.” And another 35 percent of you said “The fact that right now Jacob is playing Daddy (since Renesmee’s real mommy and daddy often hand her off to others), when, in a few years, they’ll be having lots of sex and cross-breed puppies.”

We also added a new link to a series of YouTube videos to the Just For Laughs section (under YouTube gems). In them, a British dude named Alex is reading and summarizing “Twilight” chapter by chapter, kind of like we are. He’s mildly offensive, and downright hilarious. Go check him out.

Lastly, do we have any Glee fans in the house? If so, did you guffaw uncontrollably last night when “Twilight” references were made? We did.

Check back tomorrow for a new chapter! We’ve got 33 ready to go.

New chapter up!

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Today we have Chapter 32 for you, in which we meet 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) new vampires in about as many pages. You may want to take notes.

Also, since we don’t remember mentioning it recently, Jimmy Fallon put up a new Robert is Bothered video within the past week or so. This time, Robert is bothered by the iPad. It’s funny. Go watch it.

Talented? Ha.

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Chapter 31 is up today! We finally find out what Bella’s “speshul power” is. But don’t get too excited. It’s lame. Like, really lame.

Check it out! Less than 10 to go now!

There are no words…

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Yes, we’re semi-stealing one of SMeyer’s chapter titles… but it really is apt in this situation.

Today, one of Destroying Angel‘s friends sent along an extremely disturbing photo. Go see our Too Disturbing to Describe page and scroll to the bottom to see what we’re talking about.

Irresistible? Somehow we think we can resist.

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We’ve got yet another chapter for you today! Chapter 30 (“Irresistible”) is now up and ready for you reading pleasure (or, perhaps displeasure?)

Only nine chapters left… only nine chapters left… We have to keep repeating this to ourselves so we don’t go completely insane.

Also, as an exciting side note, we want to say thanks to all of you who regularly visit our site and leave us comments and be generally awesome, because we’ve just surpassed 100,000 page views this week! Yes, that’s five zeros right there! Go us.