Looking into The Future.

Another chapter posted today. Finally, we get to “the big conflict” in this book… and it only took almost 600 pages! Dear lord. Don’t get excited, though. It’ll probably be even lamer than the ones in the past have been.

Go read Chapter 28 “The Future”!

Also, has anybody scene the lastest official trailer for “Eclipse”? It was released last week or the week before, we think. It looks terrible. The CGI towards the end looks even worse than in “New Moon,” if that’s even possible… Check it out here if you dare.

It looks like now they’re trying to focus on the action aspect of the story now to sell the movie. Which is a change, because in the first full trailer, everything was still focused on the Bella-Edward-Jake love triangle. The fist one is here, if you missed it.


~ by vampychronicles on April 30, 2010.

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