Ugh, there’s more.

We’ve got another chapter for you: Chapter 23.

Also, just when we thought we were nearing the end of this torture, we read this. Apparently, SMeyer is working on an enormous Twilight “guide” or encyclopedia of sorts, and she started writing a short story about Bree Tanner (the one newbie vamp that the Volturi do away with in “Eclipse” as Bella watches). The story somehow ballooned into a 200-page monster, and now SMeyer is planning to release it as a “novella.”

We certainly don’t agree with calling it a “novella.” And we also aren’t looking forward to reading it, but we suppose we kind of have to now. It’s supposed to be released in early June, both in book stores and for free on the Internet for a month. (We, naturally, will not be paying for it.)

We would make some snarky comment about SMeyer just trying to exploit this series for more money, but apparently she’s planning to donate some of the proceeds to earthquake relief. Damnit.


~ by vampychronicles on April 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ugh, there’s more.”

  1. A guide? What for? The books are far from being complicated as there is no plot at all. And who on earth cares about that Bree Tanner? I can’t even remember who he is. What a surprise.
    PLANNING to donate SOME money doesn’t mean that I could write too. And think about the poor trees that were cut only to produce paper for this book. Think about it and feel the horror.

  2. Uh. He’s a she. Sorry. But Bryce Dallas Howard? Has she no self-esteem?

  3. I will not mention the fact that Meyer has more than enough money to donate to earthquake relief without writing another book.

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