A belated St. Patty’s Day link.

It would have been ideal if we had discovered this a couple of days ago. (Although, it was only posted a couple of days ago, so we suppose we’re about as on top of it as we could have been.)

We have already shared with you the Twilight Drinking Game that goes along with the first movie. But now the funny people over at ComicsAlliance have come up with a drinking game to go along with the first book. It’s hilarious.

Check it out here.

But please be warned that you probably shouldn’t actually try it, unless you can do without your liver.


~ by vampychronicles on March 19, 2010.

One Response to “A belated St. Patty’s Day link.”

  1. Omg Poor livers! The link to the trailer also is pretty funny. You noticed they didn’t show the fursploding puppies? Or anything close to serious cg? They want to hide it till AFTER they get in the theatre. And wtf is with “I want to protect you till your heart stops.” ooo romantic. I thought he was trying to STOP her from going sparklie. Nevermind he wants her eggs anyway. >.>

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