Yes, this book is ABSOLUTE torture. What other reasons could we possibly have for hating it? Well, here’s one: We are now into ‘Book 3’ where we read the rest of the saga from the perspective of none other than Little Miss ‘WhineWhineIDon’tSparkleInTheSunAndI’mUglyAndAmInADysfunctionalRelationshipWithAn EmotionallyAbusiveVampireThatWantsToEatMe” Bella Swan-Cullen.

We know, we know. Just after ‘Fetus Explosion’ we did not think we could take another terrible turn in this book either, but here we find ourselves in a creepy Bosch-like hell.  Feel free to read the preface, here.

Well, we’ve finally gotten to the chapter where Bella ‘turns’. The fact that Bella Swan/Cullen *cringe* is now immortal and is capable of whining for eternity (literally) is quite a bothersome thought.  But the in-depth explanation of all of the pain is explained in Chapter 19 –and of course, SMeyer’s favorite adjectives are “burning,” “hot” and “numb.” Prepare yourselves for the torture of Bella Swan… and your literate, intellectual minds.


~ by vampychronicles on March 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Torture”

  1. ow, my intellectual mind! grr, i loathe myself for ever liking this shit. there has to be something wrong with me…

  2. I just found something else that might intrest you guys. There is a guy on Youtube who finds it very entertaining to read and then make comments on twilight. He had me laughing for a good half hour. XD nerimon is the screen name. Very funny

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