Updates, updates!

We know it’s getting tough for you all to keep up with this stuff, especially since it’s more terrible than ever. But we promise it sucks far worse for us! So please stick with us.

We’ve got Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 for you today (yes, TWO chapters!). We’ve also got the next four ready to go, so expect more updates later this week.

And for those of you looking forward to the birthing scene, it comes in Chapter 18. Get excited.

Lastly, if you watch TV at all, you probably know all about the ad war Verizon and AT&T have been having. Well, Verizon has apparently decided to up the ante a little bit. Check out their newest commercial, which totally spoofs Twilight. On the one hand, it irks us that Twilight has even begun to infiltrate our cell service providers. But on the other hand, we did chuckle a little…


~ by vampychronicles on February 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Updates, updates!”

  1. I’m a total loser then because I laughed so hard at that commercial. Especially when the wolf comes to her, “Sup?” XD

  2. I LOVE the commercial its hilarious
    you guys made my day
    tomorrow is my b-day will you post some more stuff???

    • Sorry that we didn’t get any updates posted for your birthday. We’re trying to pace ourselves! But we hope you had the chance to check out Chapters 13 and 14. And happy belated birthday!

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