Eclipse is over. Finally.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve finally finished “Eclipse”! (We know, we know, it sure took us long enough, eh? But at least we got there.)

Chapter 27 and Epilogue: Choice are now posted!

Check back soon, because we’ll be delving into “Breaking Dawn” before you know it.


~ by vampychronicles on January 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Eclipse is over. Finally.”

  1. I haven’t read Breaking Dawn, I just saw the summary. It was so disgusting I couldn’t bear to read the rest, but I can’t WAIT for you two to review it! This is going to be hilarious. 🙂

  2. So are you guys going to do Midnight Sun (or w/e its called) as well? It’s not an actual book and this is the stuff that is RAW (SMeyer WITHOUT an editor correcting her mistakes)

    • We’re considering it. We know it’s only like the first half of “Twilight,” written from Edward’s perspective. But the fact that we’ve already suffered through “Twilight,” coupled with the fact that it’s raw and unedited, really makes it unappealing to us. However, it’s likely we’ll tackle it eventually. If nothing else, it’ll probably make us feel really good about ourselves.

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