A few extra things.

So, did anyone go see “New Moon” yet? We haven’t, fortunately, but we do plan to soon so we can review it. Next weekend, perhaps.

We spent this weekend making a few little updates aound the site.

We added a “New Moon” movie page, which currently includes a few of our early complaints about the movie, and links to some great (read: “snarky and brilliantly evil”) reviews of the new film.

Also added a new page to the For Further Reading section — a guest blog post we did for professorbeej.com for “Anti-Twilight Week”: Edward Doesn’t Dazzle Us.

And, if you like the Robert is Bothered series, there’s a new one up — Robert is bothered by “New Moon.” Go figure! 

Look out for more chapter reviews this coming week!


~ by vampychronicles on November 22, 2009.

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