Halfway to halfway!

We’ve reviewed one more chapter for you (chapter 12), which means we are now halfway through “New Moon.” And, once we’ve finished “New Moon,” we’ll be halfway done with this godforsaken series! (There will be much rejoicing.)

We also spent last night watching the “Twilight” movie (for the third time… ugggghhhh) in order to review that for you, too. We recorded our musings and comments while watching, and will hopefully have a review and other goodies up soon.

Unfortunately, it will probably be at least a week before we can get any more chapters up, as The Destroying Angel has to help her non-sparkly boyfriend move back into college later this week, and so will be out of town. But we’ll do our best to keep posting other fun bits and bobs here and there.


~ by vampychronicles on August 17, 2009.

One Response to “Halfway to halfway!”

  1. i read all of these books without a pause in between the books, which meant i didnt stop to think about what i had just read, which was a BIG mistake because when i finished thw whole series i literaly vomited, probably from all the terrible fluff and gag worthiness. Never again will i read this peice of shit series, i hate badly written novels, they make me want to stab the author for being an idiot

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