And So, It Begins…

Or in our case, it (unfortunately) continues…

Hey all! We’ve been away for a bit because of family reunions (Spider Monkey was at the beach, soaking up the buttery sunlight) and new jobs, etc., but we’re back and better than before! (Well, theoretically, because the writing is getting worse and worse.) We’ve added some new ‘Twilight’ chapter synopses. We’re all the way up to Chapter 10!! (Check out the new stuff here, here, and here!)

For another bit of news, we’ve made a lot of progress in the series. We finished the entire first book, chucking it across the room and punching it only a couple of times, and busting out laughing more and more often at awkward and inappropriate things. Now, we’re trying to get our hands on the second book WITHOUT purchasing it. This is proving difficult — every library in the tri-county area has at least 20 copies of each book and they’re all checked out or on hold for a month… so if any of you out there have any GREAT ideas as to where to get our hands on a free copy (the more legal, the better. But we won’t hold it against you if it shies a bit from the ‘legal’ path), please let us know so we may better entertain you.

As for now, enjoy!! We’ll be back with more soon!!


~ by vampychronicles on July 5, 2009.

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