Getting Started

So today was our first day of reviewing.


We reviewed through the first five chapters of “Twilight,” so you should probably go check them out.

Reading-wise, we’re through Chapter 13 (and oh boy, let’s just say we’re super excited to review Ch. 13!). Hopefully we’ll get caught up on the reviewing soon, so we can get back to reading. This could be made difficult, however, by the fact that we are losing our source material. The “Twilight” book we’ve been reading is borrowed, and needs to be returned to its owner this weekend. One would think we could just simply get a new copy from the library (there’s no way we’re actually spending money on it), but nooo. Every copy of the book in the area is checked out – even the copies OhioLink has. Lame. So now we may actually have to suck it up and start asking around for a copy to borrow…. Ugh.


~ by vampychronicles on June 12, 2009.

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